Best Week Ever

Season 6 Episode 23

July 25th, 2008

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Jul 25, 2008 on VH1

Episode Recap

Women fights: Danica Patrick gets in a fight, WNBA brawl, Omarosa vs Wendy Williams; Christian Bale arrested for verbally assaulting his mother in a hotel room; The Two Coreys: Corey Feldman kind of sings; Baby Borrowers: The teens take on other teenagers; Celebrity Family Feud: Ed McMahon brings things down when he shows up in a neck brace, Wanna Bet: very weird game show/Talent show; High School Musical tryouts: Briana wants to get in high school, she's home schooled;

Chuck Nice interviews Mary Murphy: It's actually a BWE's spin off looking for the next Mary Murphy: So You Think You Can Scream

Sizzler: Britney Spears' son photoed holding pink cigarette lighter; Madame Tousaud's unveils wax Amy Winehouse; Jerry O'Connell says he and Rebecca Romejin are trying to get pregnant, Camilla Parker Bowles get a cabbage, Matthew McConaughey and pregnant dude's baby photos,

In Case You Missed It: Today: Ventriloquist uses live dog for his dummy; Date My Ex: Michael reveals to much; Brooke Knows Best: Brooks has no clue about who to vote for, Flipping Out: guy has psychic perform exorcism on house, The View: Joy Behar wants to talk about tightening the vagina

Best Week Evere: Matthew McConaughey: For opening up about fatherhood and the trailer for his new movie Surfer Dude.