Best Week Ever

Season 5 Episode 30

June 29, 2007

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Jun 29, 2007 on VH1
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June 29, 2007

Paris is free, Yes more Paris, iPhone, John Stamos, R. Kelly

Sizzler: Paris' letter, Nancy Grace pregnant, Justin Timberlake upsets Sweden, Hot dog champ has arthritis,

In Case You Missed It: Laser/Pepper Spray flashlight, Passions evil midget, Vagisil commercial, ex-wives club

Best Week Ever: Dramatic Chipmunk

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      • Christian Finnegan: (referring to the iPhone)
        I just want it so I can watch dramatic hamster a thousand times a day

      • Melissa Rauch: The tour makes the iPhone look pretty awesome, but it's pretty clear that Apple is aiming for one type of customer, a rich one.

      • Paul F. Tompkins: A guy who thinks retired and unemployed are the same word

      • Jessica St. Clair: I'm sure there wasn't a lot of hype surrounding Alexander Graham Bell's phone cause he was probably like, "Ohh hey guys, I invented this thing called the telephone." They were like, "Ah what you're crazy! He's a witch! Burn him!"

      • Melissa Rauch: The media maybe slightly overstating the anticipation for the release of this phone.

      • Amanda Diva: So the new Apple iPhone is a revolutionary new gadget, I mean this thing does everything. It's a phone, it's email, it's instant messenger, it does blood sugar.

      • John Mulaney: I noticed clausterphobia victims wasn't on that list. I think you can do a lot of work for them.

      • Adam Winer: Does Paris really care about those diseases or she just listing the diseases she thinks Larry King has.

      • John Mulaney: Paris Hilton claims that jail has opened her eyes, her weird dead eyes, to the problems of the world that she is going to make a positive difference.

      • Sherrod Small: It don't take much to pull the over Larry King's eyes. Its like
        "Hey you ever done drugs?" "No."
        "You ever had a sex tape?" "No."
        "You ever said no?" " No."
        "No?" "No."
        Alright, commercial.

      • Jessica St. Clair: Just a reminder, if you forgot about your drug use, here's some video from the people who bought your storage locker. I paid the fee.

      • Melissa Rauch: I can't wait for Paris' lower register.
        (in a deep voice)
        "That's hott"

      • John Mulaney: Twenty-five years of evil, and its an intonation she'd like to change.

      • Adam Winer: I gained so much sympathy when I heard that Paris suffered from a real crippling illness. Cluastrophobia. Ahh The fear of being locked in tiny jail cells

      • Greg Fitzsimmons: Paris' interview with Larry King gave us insight into the real Paris Hilton and WOW. Shes changed.

      • Sherrod Small: Kudos to Mika for standing up and trying to stop this Paris thing, but you know what? Its what people want to watch, its what I want to watch. I mean I watch eight hours of Cops, a little Sports Center, then i want to see Paris.

      • Adam Winer: While all of the other anchors were merely complaining about covering Paris Hilton, one MSNBC anchor, actually had the balls and refused to do it.

      • Frangela: That's offensive!
        I mean like millions of people died in that war.
        Um hm.
        You know..MILLIONS.
        Now we're talking about one skinny bitch getting out of jail.

      • Christian Finnegan: That is correct. She has put her seat belt into the slot designated for the middle seat, not in the back seat. Back to you.

      • Christian Finnegan: The media covered every single angle of these stories and then they took each of those angles and found angles on those angles.

      • Paul F. Tompkins: Does she really think Paris is gonna go, Oh a question? Yeah, hmm, whats that? I never thought anyone would have anything to ask me.

      • Melissa Rauch: Then there was a reporter from the most trusted name in news, CNN, who interrupted herself to ask Paris a question.

      • John Mulaney: The last time I paid this much attention to 60 seconds of video footage of Paris Hilton she was getting nailed.

      • Christian Finnegan: This is like a news reporters equivalent to hooking up with the ugly friend. Either do it or don't do it, but don't try to act like your above it.

      • Jessica St. Clair: So after serving 23 days, Paris Hilton was released from jail which caused quite a media circus the likes of which we have seen since...Oh I don't know three weeks ago when she was put in jail and then came out of jail and was put in again. Its been too long.

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