Best Week Ever

Season 6 Episode 31

November 14th, 2008

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on VH1

Episode Recap

Gossip Girl: girl sets dresses on fire; Morning Joe: Joe says "f*ck" instead of just F; Lindsay Lohan: says something about Barack Obama; Kanye West arrested in England; Inside the Actor's Studio: 200th episode; Today: the Muppets take over

That Show Exists?: Human Wrecking Ball, Cha$e, Blush,

Inside Edition: bad stories, 90210: karaoke,

Sizzler: William Shatner continues his feud with George Takei; Martha Stewart on Leno; Jennifer Aniston finally talks about Angelina Jolie; Sarah Palin "exclusive" interviews

Andy Richter plugs Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

In Case You Missed It: Desperate Housewives: Teri Hatcher's character discovers painting of herself; Oprah: Nicole Kidman forgets where she is; National Geographic: Taboo: guys wants to remove horns he had implanted; Kay Jewelers: deaf commercial

Best Week Ever: Thomas Beatty: the pregnant man is pregnant again.