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  • the week in review

    A great show. Each week I get a review of what has happened in pop culture. This show is a must for the pop culture junkie. The panelists are funny. The sketches are short enough for today's short attention spans. The best part is trying to guess, who had the best week ever!
  • Every week they gather information on what happens in the celeb world or in TV and talk about it. Then they announce who's having the best week ever based on what they accomplished.

    This is the most interesting news show that I've ever watched. It is imaginative and too funny to bear. Every week, on Friday, I stay up even though I have nothing else to do to watch this show. It tells me everything I need to know and catches me up on the shows that I might have missed during the week. What amazes me is that they have the time to film, edit, and gather stories for a new episode of the show every week. I've never seen a show or station that does that and I thought it was because they couldn't.
  • There isn't much to say here other than the fact that I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    Best Week Ever is my favorite show (that's on now) and has been ever since it has first aired. I laugh my butt off every time I watch it. Even when it reruns (which it does often). I highly recomend Best Week Ever for anyone and everyone who likes to laugh at pop culture and current events and how silly they can be.
  • This definitely could be better

    It's strange to watch this show, since the commentators are all either hilarious, up and coming comedians or complete and utter hacks and has-beens. Please! For the love of God, would you people please get rid of the obvious shtters and focus on the funny ones? Aren't there any more funny comedians you could use for this show? Even slightly amusing comedians would work for me.

  • Love this show, keeps me laughing.

    Thank you the creator of this show! This is a hillarious show, I don't think I have watched this show once without laughing through it. The people at VH1 are awesome for coming up with this show, giving a hillarious spin on what is happening this week in the news and media. The comedians from I Love the 80's and I Love the 90's are here and are always funny! Must see tv!
  • One of VH1s Hits

    Best Week Ever (BWE to fans) is a weekly television program on the United States cable/satellite network VH1. It started airing in 2004. On the show, comedians analyze the past week's developments in pop culture, including recent happenings in entertainment and celebrity gossip. The show follows a similar format to that set by the popular miniseries I Love the 80s and its successors (which was actually based on a format put together by the BBC). Each new episode airs on Friday evening at 11:00 PM, and repeats are usually broadcast several times over the weekend. At the end of every episode, the panelists name which celebrity, group of people, or object has had the best week ever. (Some winners include: Shrek, Seinfeld fans, and smoke.) On the last Friday of the month, a month-in-review program is put together with clips from recent shows (it's sometimes called Best Month Ever in that context). There are also year-in review programs (Best Year Ever).

    Some panelists on the show and other contributors add stories to an online weblog where fans of the show can get an idea of what will be covered in the upcoming episode. Fans can also add their opinions of the stories. The show's panelists are usually comedians, though sometimes actors and musicians also have guest spots on the program.

  • What separates MTV from VH1, the drama! This is true comedy at the people we love/hate the most!

    After watching MTv for about an hour and hearing a lot of yelling about how much the celebrities are complaining that always end with bad pics of them, the most refreshing thing alive. Don't miss them supporting passions and answering mail. It has a similar vibe to I Love the 90's 80' and etc. but much more recent. Better than the news. If only all news shows Could be this funny. Hint Hint Today Show!
  • Talk About Funny!!!

    This show is so real and funny and i really like it because they don't just have one race doing it they have multiple races and that's cool! I love how they dish it out and make things so funny. The right people are on that show and i hope it never cancels!
  • Want peoples real opinion on things instead of that fake neutral talk then this is what you're looking for!

    This the greatest show ever I even watch the reruns just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Firstly all these guys are excellent comedians may not be up their with Dave Chappelle or Will Ferral but these guys and girls get the job done. Also they cover all types of mainstream news not just about those celebrities such as the dreaded Tomkat and Bennifer they actual talk about things you care about dor me they were the first to tell me about how Rockstarwas making some "Hot Coffe" and helps you decide if you should see a movie or not I hate regualar critics their reviews are limited and are always the same "I loved it" or "Complete and utter crap" just as there are no original movies there are no original reviewers I wantthem to frickin massacre the thing or praise it as if it was their lord. Also the special segments such as the buzzsaw (or something like that), a recap on the best things in television and in the beggining the top news stories. Overall a must see whether if you like you hollywood news with comedy or else want to watch someone speak your mind on television.
  • Want to be in the Know than Never Miss Best Week Ever...

    Paul Scheer, Sherrod Small, Christian Finnegan and Jessi Klein are my Favorites. I've seen the show live and I watch it ever week. They watch all the crap so I don't have to, and that's a good thing. Paul's Battlestar Galactica piece was Awesome! More Clip Blocker. Affter a Rough few Months the Best Week Ever is Back! Keep the core commentaors and dump all the other ones.
  • Not as good as it once was

    I still like this show, but not as much as I used to. It used to be a biting look at pop culture, but these days it seems to rely too much on little skits from the panelists. I also miss Mo Rocca and Rachael Harris as they were my favorite commentators.
  • One of the FUNNIEST shows EVER!

    If you haven't seen "Best Week Ever" then you need to be punished. There's simply no excuse. Unless, of course, you don't have VH1, or you have no sense of humor whatsoever.

    The point of the show is that various people poke fun of different things going on in pop culture. They pretty much crucify everything, so you have to know how to let certain things slide. Even when they joke about your favorite movie, TV show, or celebrity, it's HILARIOUS. The comedians are simply the best and the show can always bring a smile to your face, so it's a good show to watch when you're in a bad mood.
  • Wanna know whats going on pop culture? To dumb to understand those more complex shows like ET? WELL GUESS WHAT! You don't have to look any further

    Best Week ever is a good example of rare television programming. While there are plenty of other pop culture shows that can catch up none of them look as great as this one does. It has humerous moments and always you'll get a chuckle here and there. You always want to see what the "Sizzler" is going to be about and the production values are very high. Nothing is taken very seriously and for once its a welcome breath of fresh air to these kinds of shows. The best feature this show has is who is having the Best Week Ever. And the sad fact is most of the time the people they point out are having the best week ever.
  • One amazing show!!

    VH1 has created a hilarious show to review the week's biggest events. No matter what has happened during the week, the panelists know exactly how to poke fun at it and get a lot of laughs. I hope this show continues for as long as it can, because this truely is a very well put together program.
  • Full of talking heads to catch you up on this weeks pop culture.

    VH1 is full of shows that contain many unknown or rather barley known celebratys talking about count downs and such but now we have a show like that every single week. THis is a great show to help you catch up on pop culture and good for a luagh not to mention if you have seen somthing on the list it gives one a giddy feeling of excitiment. Over all the show talks about what has happened that week and makes you laugh while doing it a favorite of VH1's shows.
  • This show is the news in 30 minutes

    This show is really funny. They add humor to every news concept.It's very funny. I try to watch it every week but accasionly miss it o well thats what repeats are for. The people that talk about the news are so funny. I love it when they play games this is a great show.
  • 2 words out standing or is that 1 word?

    I love this show and watch it every week. True, it's not as good as I love the 80's, etc. but It's very unique and I do love most of the humor. I also like how they do fill you in on stuff that's happening because i do miss a lot. The two guys Michael and John are the funniest ones on there, though not as good as Hal Sparks or Michael Ian Black, their still funny. They can't be everywhere. In fact the two shows are very different so you can't tune in looking for it to be the same thing IT'S NOT. All in all i love this show and will continue to watch it.
  • Its great the people are really funny.

    This show is realy cool, both informative and funny. Vh1 classic. It tells you all the most interesting things that are happening all over, and then, out of all the catagories they have discussed about, they declare who is having the best week ever. Its a cool show, and what makes it better is that now you can watch it on your cell fone if your subscriber provides it. I reccomend dis show to anyone looking for some relaxing entertainment kiccing bacc on the couch watching Tv.
  • Your daily source of information and entertainment

    The show is hilarious.Its my weekly news source and always a good laugh to start off the weekend. They hit subjects on certain topics that you would be thinking yourself. The cast and the shows voice-over guy is extremly funny. Daily Segments include "In Case You Missed it", "The sizzler","Paul F Thompkins Celebrity Defender", "Upgrade/Downgrade".
    And you will never guess who is going to be having the Best Week Ever
  • This is a funny show.

    I like best week ever because it takes news events and pop culture and twists them out of proportion. It is a very funny way to watch the news... without falling asleep. so watch it because it will make you laugh... if you laugh alot. Why do i even review things? bye
  • E.T spawned with i love the 80's

    Best week ever=Best show ever. It\'s like ET or Xtra but with a light night show feel. They make fun of what happen in the past week then award some one with having the best week. So if you haven\'t seen it watch it now and be hook for life.
  • The best and latest in the evolution of the talking heads on TV.

    The best show to end the week with. A kinda Daily show when you dont feel like being smart. Plus its nice to see people make the jokes about celebreties that the other late night shows are too afraid to make. Over the past few months it has definatly hit its stride. Plus you gotta love the babe factor with Rachel Harris, Danielle Schneider and Melissa Rauch.
  • VH1 makes another hilarious recap show.

    VH1, now famous for their nostalgiac shows like I Love the 70's, 80's, and 90's have hit gold with this. Essentially, it just reviews the previous week and pokes fun at absolutely everything. It does not sound like much, but MAN is it funny! Every episode is very funny and does a great job of poking fun at American pop culture. Seriously, folks, this show is consistantly hilarious and has some extremely funny quotes.

    "I'd like to spend a whole summer in Paris, but I hear it gets a little muggy."
    On Paris Hilton's "One Night In Paris".

    If you didn't find that funny, then this show probably isn't for you.
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