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  • how is this a talk show?

    this show is funny at times. it offers a warped view on what has happened in the world of pop culture throughout the week. many of the people on the show are very funny. some are not so funny. i am really amazed that the show has lasted as long as it has.
  • What separates MTV from VH1, the drama! This is true comedy at the people we love/hate the most!

    After watching MTv for about an hour and hearing a lot of yelling about how much the celebrities are complaining that always end with bad pics of them, the most refreshing thing alive. Don't miss them supporting passions and answering mail. It has a similar vibe to I Love the 90's 80' and etc. but much more recent. Better than the news. If only all news shows Could be this funny. Hint Hint Today Show!
  • This is like Star, Ok, Us, and Intouch magazines all in one comical show!

    The Best Week Ever is a group of comedians who make jokes out of all the strange stuff that has happened throughout the whole week. They show either celebrity gossip, or really stupid (but funny) stuff from the T.V. The beginning of the show is the weeks hottest stories. Then it usually goes on to the Sizzler which is mostly smaller stories from the week. Then it goes to In Case You Missed It which is usually television clips that are really funny mistakes. Then it goes on to who is having the best week ever. The comedians to a great job with the jokes and never run out of funny things to say. This is an absolutly wonderful show to watch if you are ever sad and upset or just in a mood to laugh. I promise this show is anything but disappointing.
  • Very Funny with True Infomation about the weeks events and I just love it.

    Best Week Ever is a great little show full of comedy from start to finish and if your alittle slow with getting the jokes then you won't enjoy this show but besides the jokes they do give us info on whats happening and they do it truthfully with no false info in their stories so I watch it ever week so I can here them joke on something that is happening that week that was just stupid, so if you want to relex and enjoy some jokes, kick back and turn on Best Week Ever, this is the News that everyone should watch instead of the regular News.
  • One of VH1s Hits

    Best Week Ever (BWE to fans) is a weekly television program on the United States cable/satellite network VH1. It started airing in 2004. On the show, comedians analyze the past week's developments in pop culture, including recent happenings in entertainment and celebrity gossip. The show follows a similar format to that set by the popular miniseries I Love the 80s and its successors (which was actually based on a format put together by the BBC). Each new episode airs on Friday evening at 11:00 PM, and repeats are usually broadcast several times over the weekend. At the end of every episode, the panelists name which celebrity, group of people, or object has had the best week ever. (Some winners include: Shrek, Seinfeld fans, and smoke.) On the last Friday of the month, a month-in-review program is put together with clips from recent shows (it's sometimes called Best Month Ever in that context). There are also year-in review programs (Best Year Ever).

    Some panelists on the show and other contributors add stories to an online weblog where fans of the show can get an idea of what will be covered in the upcoming episode. Fans can also add their opinions of the stories. The show's panelists are usually comedians, though sometimes actors and musicians also have guest spots on the program.

  • the week in review

    A great show. Each week I get a review of what has happened in pop culture. This show is a must for the pop culture junkie. The panelists are funny. The sketches are short enough for today's short attention spans. The best part is trying to guess, who had the best week ever!
  • This definitely could be better

    It's strange to watch this show, since the commentators are all either hilarious, up and coming comedians or complete and utter hacks and has-beens. Please! For the love of God, would you people please get rid of the obvious shtters and focus on the funny ones? Aren't there any more funny comedians you could use for this show? Even slightly amusing comedians would work for me.

  • Full of talking heads to catch you up on this weeks pop culture.

    VH1 is full of shows that contain many unknown or rather barley known celebratys talking about count downs and such but now we have a show like that every single week. THis is a great show to help you catch up on pop culture and good for a luagh not to mention if you have seen somthing on the list it gives one a giddy feeling of excitiment. Over all the show talks about what has happened that week and makes you laugh while doing it a favorite of VH1's shows.
  • this show is absolutley playback all the funniest moments on tv and in hollywood. i love this show so if i forget to watch an episode of a show,i can watch best week ever.

    The producers use news, music video, television and film clips, and fly them through the air to provide ample evidence of how silly celebrities, politicians, sport figures, and others caught in the news spotlight, can behave at times. The VH1 panelists and the weekly guest stars (that include actors, comedians, radio DJ's, musicians, athletes, and writers) opine with amusing, droll, sarcastic, intelligent, whimsical, but never, never boring observations.
  • A funny talk/reality show on VH1.

    If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • Great comedy from the network that started it. The weekly show about the week that was is mostly very humorous and has grown into a solid mix of great comedians.

    My favorite thing about this show (other than Doug Benson) is the way this show sticks to it's formula. They stick to the big guns (Paris,Brittney,Lindsey,) while adding in the wierd stories from outside the celebrity realm. In this day and age having a successful formula that you can pull of week after week is pretty refreshing considering that shows always end up alienating some viewers becouse of the changes it feels it has to make to stay fresh. BWE has a solid cast that brings fresh wit to the show and for this format that is the best thing that i can say, the cast is really what makes this show go around. And the SIZZLER of course!
  • This show talks about things going on during the week that has to do with celebrities.

    This show is fairly good. They critize the celebrities of the week. They talk about stupid or funny things that the celebrities do. They make fun of all the celebrites. The celebrities do stupid crap and people laugh at them. This show talks about retard crap. People be cracking jokes on the celebs. This show can be retarded because some jokes dont make sense or not even funny. Some of the commedians are not funny but some are hilarious. This show is all what it sounds like. Its ok if you got nothing to do or if your really into celebrities it gets a 7 out of 10
  • The best guilty pleasure... ever!

    I watch this show when ever I can because... well... It's redicules... and I LOVE it! They spoof everything from Paris Hilton to Secret commercials. How can't you find it entertaining? These people are cruel, harsh, and freakin' brillaint! Their humorous (some what NY-17) remarks make us realize one great thing. People in the show buis are most deffantly on crack... in a good entertaining way... possible... Watching this show will give you a good laugh anytime. There is never some dull moment about politics (unless they're making fun of them) and you get to listen to celbrities mocking celbrities.
    Now that's some good watchin'!
  • Great comedy from the network that started it. The weekly show about the week that was is mostly very humorous and has grown into a solid mix of great comedians.

    Great comedy from the network that started it. The weekly show about the week that was is mostly very humorous and has grown into a solid mix of great comedians. this show is great and i enjoy watching it. Every single time there is something new. Great comedy from the network that started it. The weekly show about the week that was is mostly very humorous and has grown into a solid mix of great comedians. this show is great and i enjoy watching it. Every single time there is something new. I want this show to become "The Best Day Ever!"
  • A funny weekly pop culture news show about all of the crazy things that happen that week.

    Best Week Ever is a great show that covers everything that happended in pop culture that week. A lot of it is celebrity gossip, but sometimes they talk politics, or certain things that happened in the news.

    They have a panel of comedians, who all share their own thoughts about a certian topic.Every now and then a panel member will leave the show for a while then come back. Or a few new members will show up.

    They also do the show in segments. First they cover about five or six of the big stories that week. After that they do "The Sizzler" which is HOT celebrity gossip. Then they do "In cased you missed it" which usually features something funny in the news that you were likely to have missed. Finally they reveal who is having the Best Week Ever. Sometimes they can even get that person to come on the show. Sometimes it not who you would expect.

    So, I would definitely recommed watching this show if you can. It comes on Friday nights on VH1.
  • This show does a recap on all of the weekly happenings, and then makes fun of them.

    I think this is a good show, first off, it is funny, next, I can not stand celebrities with over publicized lives, so I love to see it when they are made fun of. The thing is though, this is not your average entertainment information show, it also adds in things that happen in sports. They also never upset with their fair share of internet media for us to laugh at and them to make fun of. Overall, like I said before, this is a good show, and there is new stuff to laugh at every week, and whenever I can laugh at stuff from the current week, that can usually make it the Best Week Ever.
  • Too funny

    This show is hilarious. Every time I watch it I laugh, and I am a hard one to make laugh! I think all the comedians do an excellent job. I make sure to watch it every week, especially when I need a laugh. I love how it pokes fun of things that we all want to poke fun of, and even somethings that we don't. I wish it would stay on at a standard time though. It seams that it is on at unusual times here. I can never remember for sure when to watch it, and when I do, it may not be on.
  • That was the week that was

    Every Sunday morning right after VH-1"s "Top Twenty Countdown" comes the "Best Week Ever," and watching the week past is very funny indeed. there are some stuff that I laugh at it, some stuff that I don't laugh at and some stuff that I had to grab the mute is my sunday morning tradition. I laugh along with the goofballs at the weeks that became history. This stuff is amusing. I watch it every chance I get, on sunday morning where the only thing on is the news. "Best Week Ever" is hip and funny and can you feel the love?
  • Funny show that rips on the chaotic world of pop culture!

    I'm one of those kinds of people that can't stand channels like E! and tv shows like Access Hollywood and stuff like that. Frankly, i couldn't care less about the fact that Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes's baby has never been seen by the paparazzi. Some may say that Best Week Ever is just another one of those shows but i disagree whole heartedly. This show just keeps the laughs coming and rips on the world of pop culture. Ever since i started watching this show it has been nonstop laughs every time. For those who are sick of all of those shows and magazines that seem to stress that the lives of celebrities are of utmost importance, watch this show. For those who watch shows like Access Hollywood and E! news and who read People and US Weekly, give the show a try, you may find that it satisfies your craving.
  • Wanna know whats going on pop culture? To dumb to understand those more complex shows like ET? WELL GUESS WHAT! You don't have to look any further

    Best Week ever is a good example of rare television programming. While there are plenty of other pop culture shows that can catch up none of them look as great as this one does. It has humerous moments and always you'll get a chuckle here and there. You always want to see what the "Sizzler" is going to be about and the production values are very high. Nothing is taken very seriously and for once its a welcome breath of fresh air to these kinds of shows. The best feature this show has is who is having the Best Week Ever. And the sad fact is most of the time the people they point out are having the best week ever.
  • From its funny commentary to its "news", this is one of the funniest out there.

    I love commentaries, and getting comedic commentaries on pop culture news is just a great idea. I'm the type of person who doesn't laugh at regular "funny" sitcoms, so anything that makes me laugh out loud is rare. VH1's Best Week Ever always seems to bring that rare laugh-out-loud moment. From the unexpected, witty things the guest commentators say to finding out which pop culture obsession had the best week ever, I give this show a rating of 9.1 for its entertaining qualities and just because its fun.
  • And i say better every season for a reason.. HEY THAT RHYMED!

    yea, right, anyway. ahem. >.>

    Anyway, this is a good show to watch to hear about what happened in the past week. pretty much the important things that has happened. even includes some star news.

    It even includes things such as who the stars are dating. also known as "The Sizzle" atleast i think thats what it is called..

    Plus, if you hate the news, but you only watch it for the important stuff { like me >.>} then dont worry! jsut watch "best week ever" and you cann see the highlites of the week!
  • Talk about my generation...

    I wish they re-ran this show more often as I always miss it the couple of times it's on during the weekend. Very funny and talented people are featured as the talking heads. Keeps me updated on all that useless pop culture. They also have some great music featured in the background, though VH1 isn't really know for it's great music. The Best Week Ever blog is equally, if not more, hilarious as well.
  • Talk About Funny!!!

    This show is so real and funny and i really like it because they don't just have one race doing it they have multiple races and that's cool! I love how they dish it out and make things so funny. The right people are on that show and i hope it never cancels!
  • The absolute best half-hour on tv!!

    I love this show. All they do is poke fun at and rag on everything that's happened in the television and "celebrity" world for the past week. They are always so right-on at making fun of some of the same things that made me laugh-out-loud during my week of tv viewing. And when I've had a particularly busy week and haven't been able to keep up on my tv viewing and celebrity watching. . .I can watch this show and I'm back at the water cooler at work on Monday yakking it up like I was on top of things all the time. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • Basically this show goes through ridiculas events of the week and makes fun of them

    To begin with,"Best Week Ever" is one of my favorite shows on VH1.This show is the main reason I started watching VH1 period.What I find hilarious about this particular show ,is that it points out the obvious things that other television shows won't point out."Best Week Ever" uses the point of view of a regular person's perspective on pop culture and twists it in a hilarious and unique fashion.The "sizzler"is a work of comedy and so is the "In Case You Missed it" segmemt. But, the best part is waiting to see who has/had the Best Week Ever.This show is genius and I hope it goes on for years.
  • Almost makes me want to stay home on fridays!

    This show is full of stupid jokes about stupid celebs. How could you not love it. Its funny because when something happens in the world of Celeb the first thing i think is That is so going to be on Best Week Ever. And sometimes it's just a good way to find out Celeb news without having to watch those stupid shows like entertainment tonight or access, oh how i hate those shows. They take the news to heart like it matters what Pitt and Jolie are it's real news! I like that Best Week Makes it out to be what it really is a JOKE!
  • Every week they gather information on what happens in the celeb world or in TV and talk about it. Then they announce who's having the best week ever based on what they accomplished.

    This is the most interesting news show that I've ever watched. It is imaginative and too funny to bear. Every week, on Friday, I stay up even though I have nothing else to do to watch this show. It tells me everything I need to know and catches me up on the shows that I might have missed during the week. What amazes me is that they have the time to film, edit, and gather stories for a new episode of the show every week. I've never seen a show or station that does that and I thought it was because they couldn't.
  • Love it !

    aww i think this show is hilarious... i love how they make fun of things that just have happened ..i always find something bad about something new and so do they fav episode is when the spurs won the nba champs and through out the whole nba finals different stations made fun the piston players and then after the spurs won they made fun of them too was funny especially because i am a spurs fan..yeah awesome show ... never miss it ..i always watch it..i think they even made a best year ever now ..which is kool too..
  • omg, lmao

    OMG, this show is funny! Even though I get bored after the sizzzler. Nothing is better then this. I love it! This si still funny. Best year ever was hilarious! This year is to K-Fed! Wait, he ddin't win? Celebrate! lol. Well, this si a good show. Watch it. Now.
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