Best Week Ever

Friday 11:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 23, 2004 In Season


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  • A funny weekly pop culture news show about all of the crazy things that happen that week.

    Best Week Ever is a great show that covers everything that happended in pop culture that week. A lot of it is celebrity gossip, but sometimes they talk politics, or certain things that happened in the news.

    They have a panel of comedians, who all share their own thoughts about a certian topic.Every now and then a panel member will leave the show for a while then come back. Or a few new members will show up.

    They also do the show in segments. First they cover about five or six of the big stories that week. After that they do "The Sizzler" which is HOT celebrity gossip. Then they do "In cased you missed it" which usually features something funny in the news that you were likely to have missed. Finally they reveal who is having the Best Week Ever. Sometimes they can even get that person to come on the show. Sometimes it not who you would expect.

    So, I would definitely recommed watching this show if you can. It comes on Friday nights on VH1.