Best Week Ever

Friday 11:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 23, 2004 In Season


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  • Funny show that rips on the chaotic world of pop culture!

    I'm one of those kinds of people that can't stand channels like E! and tv shows like Access Hollywood and stuff like that. Frankly, i couldn't care less about the fact that Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes's baby has never been seen by the paparazzi. Some may say that Best Week Ever is just another one of those shows but i disagree whole heartedly. This show just keeps the laughs coming and rips on the world of pop culture. Ever since i started watching this show it has been nonstop laughs every time. For those who are sick of all of those shows and magazines that seem to stress that the lives of celebrities are of utmost importance, watch this show. For those who watch shows like Access Hollywood and E! news and who read People and US Weekly, give the show a try, you may find that it satisfies your craving.