Best Week Ever - Season 2

Friday 11:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 23, 2004 In Season


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  • Oprah's Auto Giveaway, Reality Shows and more
    The panelist discuss: Oprah's car giveaway reality shows Martha Stewart super heroes Surreal Life hook-up the CBS's reality show Survivor premieres Dubya Bush is accused of drug use by author Kitty Kelly the NBC reality show The Apprentice and The Donald Nelly's releases two CD's Charlize Theron NBC's sit-com Joey Paris is the new Susanne Sommers the Baldwin brothers disagree over politics The Tony Danza television show and much more. Upgrade and downgrade: "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame Nominees. Who had the best week ever: studio audiences. Closing video: "1985," by Bowling for Soup.moreless
  • Dr. Phil's Prime Time Special, Emmy Speeches and more
    This week the panelists guffawed over: former singer Cat Stevens on governmnet terrorist list Dr. Phil's Prime Time Special Emmy acceptance speeches the Star War Trilogy DVD Dan Rather apologizes to America for faulty broadcast Britney's new marriage the reality show The Amazing Race and The Surreal Life gentler punk-rock Ben Affleck dates Jennifer Garner actor Edward Furlong gets arrested for freeing lobsters Pam Anderson and Jesus Lifetime's television show How Clean is Your House cell phone ring tones and much more. Who had the best week ever: Italian-American stereotypes. For evidence: watch an episode of The Sopranos. Closing video: "Fall to Pieces," by Velvet Revolver."moreless
  • Presidential Debate, Jay Leno calling it quits and more
    Topics bantered by the panelists include: presidential debates Virgin Group honcho Richard Branson space plans via "Virgin Galactic" Jay Leno leaving The Tonight Show (er, in five years) UPN's America's Next Top Model Star Jones' wedding plans ABC's new television show Lost celebrity dish like Paris Hilton's new sex tape, and more Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has weak ratings and more. Special segment: undecided voters and political television commercials. Special segment: What your CD purchases say about you. Panelist Christian Finnegan explains the meaning of your musical purchases. Upgrade and downgrade: television cameo appearances. Who's having the best week ever: Conan O'Brian. Closing video: "Shadow," by Ashlee Simpson.moreless
  • Martha Stewart, Desperate Housewives and more
    Topics fleered by the panelists include: domestic diva Martha Stewart heads to jail the ABC television show Desperate Housewives vice-presidential debates the female sex patch Howard Stern moves to satellite radio Queen Latifah's new film Taxi comedian Rodney Dangerfield, RIP the release of the film Alexander delayed five good reasons to see Hilary Duff's new film Raise Your Voice Fabreze Scent Stories and more. Upgrade and downgrade: celebrity toys. Who had the best week ever: William Shatner. Closing video: VH1 promotional video.moreless
  • Team America, Bill O'Reilly and more
    Topics that caused the panelists to roar include: the film Team America Bill O'Reilly's alleged (right) sex scandal meet the new J-Lo singer Eminem disses Michael Jackson in new music video the presidential debates the reality show The Apprentice and contestant Raj celebrity dish like Cher posing nude? and more the odd Burger King commercial criminal forensics fever on television and more. Upgrade and downgrade: presidential debates. Who had the best week ever: pretty boys. This week the rock group Duran, Duran, Vice Presidential hopeful John Edwards, and male models are excellent examples. Closing video: "(Reach Up For The) Sunrise," by Duran, Duran.moreless
  • Reality Kids, the Boston Red Sox and more
    Topics sneered by the panelists include: the abuse of reality television kids the Boston Red Sox in the World Series the reality show America's Next Top Model and Amanda panelist Rachael Harris visits jailbird Martha Stewart the horror film The Grudge NBC's reality show The Biggest Loser VP Cheney warns of October surprise the scarce flu shot Bill O'Reilly: in sex scandal and writes kids book and more. Word of the week: VeriChip. VeriChip is an inert, encapsulated microchip that is energized and transmits its information when activated by a VeriChip reader. Special segment: Doug Benson the Pop Culture Bachelor. He had a "rose ceremony," and gave roses to the things in pop culture he "would like to see more of." Who had the best week ever: Jon Stewart. Why? He dissed Republican political pundit Tucker Carlson on CNN's Crossfire in a magestic manner. Closing video: "Bad Girl," by Usher.moreless
  • Ashlee Simpson, Presidential Election and more
    Topics tossed around by the panelists include: actress and singer Ashlee Simpson's major oops on Saturday Night Live the presidential election preview includes a dead heat in the final polls, and more the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, finally Eminem's "anti-Bush" video" Halloween costumes Bill O'Reilly pays millions in sex scandal celebrity dish like Usher's possible sex tape, and more five reasons to vote Frank Sinatra's VISA commercial Cuba's strongman Fidel Castro trips and more. Upgrade and downgrade: Radio Awards. Special segment: Panelist Doug Benson, in a mock instructional video, explains appropriate and inappropriate office behavior. Who had the best week ever: dead people. Ray Charles, Babe Ruth, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra are having incredible "casket" careers. Closing video: "U Make Me Wanna," By Jadakiss, with Mariah Carey.moreless
  • Election Post Mortem, The OC and more
    Topics that amused the panelists include: post mortem on the presidential election the television show The OC returns R. Kelly v. Jay Z (in a tour brawl) Shania Twain's new music video the Grand Theft Auto video game celebrity gossip like Matthew McConaughey walking around nude to befriend ghost, and more reality show cry babies newsman Dan Rather and his Ratherisms and more. Special segment: The Modern Humorist Political Review (in mock television pundit format). Special segment: What your CD purchases say about you? With panelist Christian Finnegan. Who had the best week ever: America. Closing video: "Right Right Now Now," by the Beastie Boys.moreless
  • Bridget Jones, Lost and more
    Topics that tickled the panelists include: the film Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason the ABC television show Lost five reasons to see the film The Seed of Chucky the PBS reality show Regency House Party this day in history: the Berlin Wall remembered celebrity gossip like Angelina Jolie buys baby in Russia, and more the film The Incredibles America loves the suckers in the reality shows My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, and $25 Million Hoax and more. Special segment: Tara Alert (Tara Reid mock press conference by panelist Brian Huskey as Homeland security expert and The Modern Humorists as journalists). Upgrade and downgrade: celebrity classes on college campuses. Who had the best week ever: The American South. The Country Music Awards and the Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork helped make it so. Closing video: "Lose My Breath," by Destiny's Child.moreless
  • NFL Racy Skit, Nanny 911 and more
    Topics that caused badinage this week include: the NFL racy skit FOX's unscripted series Nanny 911 the 2nd Annual VIBE Awards and the brawl the Star Jones and Al Reynolds Sponsored Wedding George W. Bush and Condi Rice celebrity dish like Denise Richards freaks at Playboy photo shoot, and more the film Kinsey television programming teasers and more. Special segment: Doug Benson the Pop Culture Bachelor. Who had the best week ever: retirees. US Secretary of State Colin Powell and actor Hugh Grant call it quits. Closing video: "Daughters," by John Mayer.moreless
  • NBA Brawl, Alexander and more
    Topics fleered by the panelists include: the NBA brawl the film Alexander the NBC weight loss television reality show The Biggest Loser and being fat in America the rock group U2 celebrity dish like Kirstie Alley hasn't had sex in four years, Naomi Campbell abuses assistant, and more the humor in the commercials of GEICO, the automobile insurance company Ophra continues to give away things on her show and more. Upgrade and downgrade: celebrity endorsements & holiday leftovers. Special segment: What your Thanksgiving purchases say about you. Panelist Christian Finnegan explains the meaning of them all. Special segment: Panelist Paul Sheer hosts a faux Thanksgiving Day eating event. Who had the best week ever: Seinfeld fans. Fans were able to see the Seinfeld Reunion show and buy the new DVD. Fans can't be any happier. Closing video: "My Boo," with Usher and Alicia Keys.moreless
  • Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race and more
    The topics tossed back and forth by the panelists include: the television show Desperate Housewives Ken Jennings finally looses on the game show Jeopardy the television reality show Amazing Race NBC nightly news anchor Tom Brokaw's farewell celebrity gossip like Pam Anderson and Stephen Dorff hook-up, and more the video game Lord of the Rings anti-drug PSA's Godzilla gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, 50 years after his film debut singers Tim McGraw and Nelly and more. Upgrade and downgrade: holiday television specials. Special segment: in the opening of the episode Paul Scheer had a skit about Ken Jennings final appearance on Jeopardy. Who had the best week ever: Julia Roberts. Special promotion: plug for Best Year Ever episode coming up December 17th. Closing video: "Get Back," by Ludacris.moreless
  • Best Year Ever
    Best Year Ever
    Episode 13
    The 2004 topics reviewed and remembered by the panelists and guests include: Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, yikes Levitra and Viagra commercials, no yikes Howard Dean's political suicide yell/scream David Guest gets beaten up by Liza Minnelli break-dancers visit the Pope at the Vatican Reality shows like The Apprentice and pompous host Donald Trump the four stages of Lil John's moniker "Yeah" gay "wise-guy" in The Sopranos the spongmonkeys Quizno's singing rodents U2's Bono and his AIDS crusade the docu Fahrenheit 9/11 the quirky song Why? the reality show Amazing Race and Charla Faddoul Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger disses Dems in California Paul Hamm wins gold at the Summer Olympic Games the Democratic Party presidential candidates: John and John animated films like Team America, The Incredibles, and others the NFL causes a stir with racy commercial Jon Stewart gets irate on CNN's Crossfire Oprah's auto giveaway on daytime talk-show Ashlee Simpson's major oops on SNL and her "panic-jig" NBA players loose their cool and assault fans and more. Special segments: Doug Benson's as the Pop Culture Bachelor Paul Sheer gave a nod to the television shows canceled in 2004. Requiescat in pace: Whoopi, The Benefactor, The Mullets, and others. Who had the best year ever (faux Award given): some dudes. "Some dude" gave a faux speech and accepted the award for "some dudes" everywhere. The producers had four finalists vieing for who had the Best Year Ever (Award) and each had a special segment during the episode. The finalists included: William Hung Paris Hilton Britney Spears God (annoyed, the part was played by Judah Friedlander) some dudes Closing video: Closing video: "Float On," by Modest Mouse.moreless