Best Week Ever - Season 3

Friday 11:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 23, 2004 In Season


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  • Star Wars Premiere, Apprentice Finale and more
    Episode Title, Star Wars Premiere, Apprentice Finale Other topics covered: Dave Chappelle's vacation, IPOD craze. Britney and Kevin Chaotic Special Segment: BWE Reality Stars High School Yearbook with Paul Scheer and Jessi Klein. Special Segment: Kathryn Morris leads you in a game of Cold Case, Without A Trace or Lost in Space? Upgrade/Downgrade: OC cliffhanger moments. Word of the Week: Mobisode: An episode of your Favorite TV show, that you can watch on your mobile phone. Who had the Best week Ever? : Eva Longoria. She's in the hottest show, made #1 on the Maxim Hot 100 list, and was seen making out with Hayden Christensen.moreless
  • To be named
    To be named
    Episode 14
    Some of the topics this week include: Doug Benson, the Pop Culture Bachelor, Ask BWE: The Modern Humorists interview (and fantasize about)'s SabineEhrenfeld. Who had the Best week ever: Awards Style The Nominees include: Melissa Rauch, who chose Kenny Chesney Doug Benson, who chose Paris Hilton Haters Paul Scheer, who chose Fred Durst's penis, who has had more screen time and publicity lately than his whole music career. The Winner was Melissa Rauch. So Who had the Best Week ever? Kenny Chesney!moreless
  • New Pope Elected, American Idol and more
    This week the panelists chatted about the following mad topics in pop culture: A new Pope is selected by the Cardinals American Idol Mr. Romance Passover fun: the Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu celebrity dish like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner engaged, Cybil Shepard masturbates and more "America as One" video, way too cheesy the film Amityville by expert Judah Friedlander David Lynch's new weather channel Who had the best week Ever: Smoke. Special segment: (skit) Paul F. Tompkins tries to interview John Ratzinger, the new Pope.moreless
  • To be named
    To be named
    Episode 12
    The hot topics discussed by the panelists this week include: Dr. Rob's Advice for Britney Britney is Pregnant Show Dogs Moms and Dads Mariah's New Album Teen Pope 5 Good Reasons to Stand on line for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Express Lane: Bush's Ipod ... Kabbalah Energy Drink ... Anna Nicole's Column ... Rolling Stones Announce Farewell Tour ... Cookie Monster, and more, celebrity gossip like Valderama and Lohan Dance Off, Arrested Apprentice, Bowles' Brazilian Wax, and more, Guilty Pleasure: Kelly Clarkson Matthew McConaughey: Uncut Tiger Woods wins Masters Tournament and more. Upgrade and downgrade: New Spring Shows Who had the best week Ever: Satanmoreless
  • Baseball Opening Day, Desperate Housewives and more
    The panelists guffawed over the following pop culture topics this week: Baseball Opening Day: the fans love these steroid enthusiasts ABC's Desperate Housewives: these catty women allegedly just can't get along, natch Will Smith: the Fresh Prince is back in the rap world Paul F. Tompkins, Celebrity Defender -- Charlie Sheen Divorce Edition Britney Spears and hubby's new UPN reality show teens are having lots of oral sex celebrity dish like Oprah's getting foxy and more "Guess Who" celebrity game with Doug Benson ABC's The Bachelor, very odd bachelor singer Eminem spoofs the new Star Wars movie and more. Upgrade and downgrade: the NBC Mork and Mindy television movie-- the actors, did they portray the celebrities accurately? Did they do a good job? Special segment: Paul Scheer's Hot Tub Tax Tips. Who had the best week ever: film actor Mickey Rourke; he's in Sin City, the week's #1 film; he's back and with a vengeance. Closing video: "Helena," by My Chemical Romance.moreless
  • The Bachelor, Wrestlemania and more
    The wild pop events the panelists discussed this week include: The Jacko child molestation trial: George Lopez testifies ABC's reality show The Bachelor: sleazy and girls gone wild! Britney update: her possible fake boobs (very nice) and could it be that she's pregers? the 5 good reasons to watch Wrestlemania the commercial: McDonald's Rap Christian Finnegan interviews Sahara's Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn celebrity gossip like Elizabeth Taylor once hand fed Jacko, and more OXYGEN's Mr. Romance Panelist Quiz: Hawk, Hawkman, or, Hawking Richard Gere dances with the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Nanny 911 meets her match: a very precocious and political savvy 9 year old boy and more. Upgrade and downgrade: Oscar Nominees on TV (Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Faye Dunaway, Sly Stallone) Who had the best week ever: Frantina Dule (see notes section). Closing video: "Lonely No More," By Rob Thomas.moreless
  • Jacko in Court, Pat O'brian and more
    This week the panelists discussed the following outrageous moments in pop culture: What does Jacko do before court? Texas Open American Idol: post Mario Dr Rob, TV Diagnostician 5 good reasons to see the film Guess Who CBS' The Amazing Race Spring Cleaning, Bear Attack celebrity dish: Pat O'Brien alleged sex tapes, and more ANIMAL PLANET's Pet Star Sony new product: the PSP Passions Edition and more. Who had the best week ever: Regina King; the actress who appeared in last year's Oscar winner Ray.moreless
  • Michael Jackson trial, the OC and more
    This week the panelist quipped about he following topics: the Michael Jackson molestation criminal trial, way too bizarre FOX's television program the OC the new Star Wars film women's breasts and Victoria's Secret the film Pacifier and Vin Diesel CBS news anchor Dan Rather retires Bruce Willis sexual escapades with Ms. Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton update UPN's America's Next Top Model Martha Stewart is now out of jail, and still a diva Hootie's Burger King commercial: what's up with that campy commercial? pro-wrestling phenom Rock is gay. What?! No way. Jim Morrison once was rejected by Florida State as a student Martha Stewart's legs on CNN: not too shabby woman and more. Special segment: Christian Finnegan's "What your purchases say about you--CD Edition" Who had the best week ever: U2's Bono. The guy is hot and involved in international politics. Closing video: "Sometimes you can't make it on you own," by U2.moreless
  • The Oscars, Michael Jackson trial and more
    The panelists joked about the following topics: The Oscars round-up and the Modern Humorist "Spin Alley" the Michael Jackson's child molestation trial and cable's E! reenactment UPN's Enterprise canceled and the Trekker response the film Be Cool rapper 50 Cent shooting incident celebrity gossip like the Fred Durst sex tape, Charlie Sheen gets a divorce, and more Guilty Pleasure: UPN's Veronica Mars, a cool show for every age group Sidney Lumet's films Halle Berry wins Razzie Award in good cheer and more. Upgrade and downgrade: the Oscars interviews on television. Special segment: Paul F. Tompkins, Celebrity Defender -- Martha Stewart Edition Who had the best week ever: lifestyle diva Martha Stewart. She's now out of jail, has been nominated for a few Emmy's, yes, her life is better than ever, and getting even richer in the process.moreless
  • Michael Jackson's Jurors, Bush Audio Tapes and more
    The topics this week that caused the panelists to guffaw include: the potential jurors in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial: Brian Huskey and Chuck Nice, et al, discuss the possibilities Bush confession in audio tapes: he's a former pothead, but won't admit it publicly Jacko's penis looks like a barber's pole, according to sources Oscar preview and host Chris Rock Paris Hilton's cell phone is hacked Keanu Reeves in the film Constantine celebrity gossip like Britney Spears wants to be called Mona Lisa and the new gay character in The Simpsons the celebrities that are fronting for Proactiv anti-acne cream: shame, shame, shame the new wacky characters in A&E's Growing up Gotti FOX's Stars Without Make-up elephants that paint with their trunks the SPIKE reality show The Ultimate Fighter and more. Special segments: Chuck Nice presents various "Moments in Black History." Who had the best week ever: the actor Danica McKellar. The former actor who played Winnie Cooper in the hit ABC television series The Wonder Years is back, busy as ever, and having a great career. Closing video: "Evil," by Interpol.moreless
  • The Gates Artwork, Paul F. Tomkins: Celebrity Defender and more
    This week the topics the panelists thought were a hoot include: "The Gates" massive artwork by Cristo in Central Park, NYC The Apprentice contestants, real boobs actors in films finding their sensitive side The Grammy's: duet performances the Cassius Marcellus Coolidge "Dog Poker" painting at Doyle New York auction sells for $590,400 baseball player Joe Conseco steroid memories celebrity gossip like Britney Spears thinks her dog is better looking than Paris' Tinkerbell, Kid Rock in trouble with the law for fighting in Nashville Strip Club, and more D.I.L.F. (Dads I'd Like to F***) the 5 good reasons to see Ashlee Simpson live in concert singer Anita Baker's nipple very visible on the Grammy's the very odd 7th Heaven musical episode that features that proverbial teenager topic: sex or no sex and more. Special segments: Paul F. Tompkins, Celebrity Defender--on Jacko Who had the best week ever: Kevin Federline. He's married to Britney Spears, he's on magazine covers, yes, he may be having the best life ever. Closing video: "Be the Girl," by Ashlyn.moreless
  • Desperate Housewives, Cameron Diaz and more
    The topics discussed this week, per a VH1 press release, include: Britney Spears new DVD commentary ABC's Desperate Housewives Jose Canseco's new tell-all book Mama Timberlake Cameron Diaz and more Upgrade and downgrade: celebrities from Super Bowl commercials. Special segment: Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen answer philosophical questions. Special segment: Christian Finnegan, Reality Therapist. Who had the best week ever: Deep Throat.moreless
  • Michael Jackson Fans, Crime Shows and more
    The topics the panelists thought were out of control this week include: Michael Jackson fanatics Hardee's food outlets television crime shows Super Bowl parties 50 Cent's Candy Shop video, wow! celebrity dish like Jessica Simpson likes porn and more seemingly gay cartoons Ellen DeGeneres helps Tara Reid find a boyfriend Groundhog Day and Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil and more Upgrade and downgrade: the actors in the Arnold Schwarzenegger biopic See Arnold Run. Special segment: Judah Friedlander at the Sundance Film Festival. Still lonely. Who had the best week ever: gamblers. Gambling is out of control; it's wild in Vegas, people are betting on the Super Bowl and Oscars, poker games are chic, in short, it's everywhere. Closing video: "Give a Little Bit," by the Goo Goo Dolls.moreless
  • Oscar Nominations, J-Lo Video and more
    Topics discussed this week include: Oscar Nominations the BWE panelists who were snubbed by Oscar J-Lo's Get Right video FOX's The Simple Life: Nicole Richie is America's new spoiled brat and getting rich in the process the film Alone in the Dark celebrity dish like Pam Anderson and boyfriend Stephen Dorff in a huge fight, natch end of a trend: being gay as a motif on television panelist Doug Benson's instructional video: how to sound like you watch the popular shows (TV small talk) Amazing Race has an inadvertent wet t-shirt contest FOX's American Idol: is Paula losing it? and more Special segment: Paul F. Tompkins, Celebrity Defender -- Robert Blake Edition Who had the best week ever: actor Paul Giamatti; even though he was snubbed by the Oscars he's having a great career. Closing video: "Get Right," by Jennifer Lopez.moreless
  • American Idol, Golden Globes and more
    The topics ridiculed this week include: the odd characters in the new season of the American Idol Chris Briggs on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes; very odd and nutty. the stereotypes found in FOX's 24: Arabs and women take it on the chin on FOX's 24: what happens during the commercial breaks? comedy maestro Christian Finnegan clues us in the Dubya Bush Inauguration celebrity gossip like Colin Farrell likens sex with pizza; after her separation, Jennifer Aniston moves in with hairdresser (can you say: rebound); and more Verne Troyer is a drunken fool on VH1's The Surreal Life and more Upgrade and downgrade: reality show rip-offs like the assorted nanny shows. Special segment: at the beginning of the show Paul Scheer did a skit about the Condoleezza Rice nomination hearing for Secretary of State. Who had the best week ever: caterers. The caterers were big-time at the Presidential Inauguration and at the Golden Globes, and, more importantly, they were visible. Show me the money! Closing video: "Mr. Brightside," by the Killers.moreless