Best Week Ever

Season 6 Episode 24

September 12, 2008

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Sep 12, 2008 on VH1
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September 12, 2008
Christian Finnegan presents Breaking News Jessica St. Clair presents the Fall TV season Paul F. Tompkins talks about Sarah Palin Microsoft ad America's Got Talent TV's Bathroom Challenge Sibling Ribaldry Hadron Supercollider started Doug Benson: Pop Culture Bachelor: Michael Phelps, Chad Johnson, Piper Palin, Andrea Mitchell, Ernest Borgnine, Sizzler: Gary Coleman, Daniel Radcliffe, celebrity babies; red carpet footage In Case You Missed It: the Slim Clip; Early Show; Today Show Best Week Ever: Britney Spears.moreless

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      • talk show host (talking to 91-year old actor Ernest Borgnine): You're 91 years old. You look fantastic. You look like you're in your late 60's / early 70's. What's the secret?

        Ernest (trying to be descrete by whispering in host's ear): I masturbate a lot.

        (Everyone could hear him, though, because he whispered into the host's microphone).

      • (Commercial narrator): ...What you need is the Slimclip - the amazing new wallet that holds everything you need in less than half an inch.

        Doug Benson: Oh yeah, I'll give you everything you want in less than half an inch.

      • Jessica St. Clair: Fox has a new drama called Fringe by the guy who created Lost. But if you're not a Lost fan, don't worry because it's nothing like it. Except it starts with a turbulent plane ride, stars a 90s TV heartthrob and features an international conspiracy perpetuated by a mysterious corporation. But otherwise, totally different, I mean the word fringe is nothing like the word lost. And it's got melting faces. Suck on that Lost.

      • Paul F. Tompkins: The election's in less that two months and one of the nominees is your friend! How could you have not made up your minds yet!

      • Rob Huebel: What these two rich people don't understand about computers is that we don't want to eat them like cake. We merely want them to deliver pornography more quickly.

      • Rob Heubel: I did some dumb things. I burned down my boss' house…and I owe you a cat. I admit that, okay? I ate seventeen cheesecakes topped with bacon, sprinkled, just sprinkled with heroin. It was delicious but a terrible idea, I know it was a terrible idea. And I had sex , a lot, with different things and I didn't wear a condom and now my privates are all black and it's the worst thing. Why am I always falling for this stuff man? Like Y2K sucked me in and I still got piles of tuna fish cans and bottled water and ammunition and gasoline. It's so dumb! (picks up newspaper) What's that? Russia is re-aiming their nuclear missiles at the U.S.? Yes! I'm back! Where are my syringes? Where are they!

      • Doug Benson: I wanted to give a gold medal to Andrea Mitchell for her excellent reporting at the aforementioned RNC, but tragically she was eaten by a pack of hungry balloons. I'm going to hunt down every one of you hungry balloons!

      • Nick Kroll: Actress Minnie Driver gave birth to a baby boy last weekend, but it is still unclear who the father is. That's possibly because no one has bothered to ask.

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