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  • about the last episode

    In my opinion, another episode would be the best for this tv should have known about Sarah's choice. I watched the original version of the series, in the last episode Sarah chose happy end, there will be also a season 3 for the original dutch version!!! I also think that the production left a window for a second season for the american maybe watch the season 2 during 2015-16...
  • What a wonderful show

    I hope there's an extra episode, i really wanna know what happens after the last scene. Does anyone know anything about an extra episode or is it discontinued or there's a new season?

  • Will miss the show if not renewed

    It was slow to take off, but I really ended up liking it. I believe episode 13 was the finale.
  • Is this the end?

    Episode 13 left me with a sense of uncertainty about the show's future. Since many of the main characters have gone, will episode 14 be the finale? Sarah seems to switch from Jack to Drew in a most inconsistent manner. I really like Betrayal, but am very disappointed with the dead end direction to which it is heading. Will be waiting with bated breath to see episode 14.
  • Great show

    Awesome show. I love the characters and the story line.
  • great show

    this is a terrific show I hope it does not go off the air. good acting great storyline. please keep it on
  • Very interesting show

    Really love this show, please don't cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Show Great Actress !

    I give this one a 10.0 !
  • Where is my Betrayal

    I absolutely love this show. From the first episode I new this was gonna be as intriguing as it sounds. However I thought it would be more of the sexual tension inducing type of thing. Delightfully it is not. The characters portrayed in this show are very real. Betrayal grabs the feel of the city of Chicago and that of owning up to your decisions in life . From the ruthlessness of Thatcher Karsten to the consequences of Betrayal.
  • Things are definitely picking up!

    I'll be the first to admit that the series premier did NOT dazzle me... BUT after having watched the last few episodes, I have to say that I'm down for the rest of the season. Episodes 5 &6 really did it for me-----things are taking off and I'm ready for next Sunday....

  • The Originals is my favorite show on tv

    The originals in my opinion is better than TVD and I think every episode there is, the better it gets. The originals is TVD on steroids definitely one of the best shows on TV.
  • Horrible Horrible Acting

    i watch a lot of tv and I usually dont post my thoughts but i am on episode 2 of this series and it is nothing but pure garbage and to make it worse, i double checked the network and it is ABC. wtf???? ABC rarely does anything bad. What happened here? Boss on vacay?

    Dialogue is twerrible. Lines are weak. Love or attraction doesn't even exist story line is heading nowhere. c'mon patty jenkins, Lena Dunham could have done much better.
  • Like!

    Interesting to watch as the story progresses.
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