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Whoever wants DVDs of this vote here quickly!

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    [1]Jan 6, 2007
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    Hey guys, Sony has put up a poll asking for which TV show should be released to DVD next, and Bette is featured on that list. Everyone who is a fan of this show and wants it on DVD should vote there as many times as possible. Here's the link- And voting for it at wouldn't hurt either. Sony isn't very good at releasing DVDs, so we should jump at this chance now. The reason that I say that is because they release stuff without extras, hold off on releasing titles, like The Nanny, Mad About You, etc. and don't really release single season shows. We should seize our chance now!


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    Thanks for pointing this out. Bette's trailing right behind "Cupid." Of the two, "Cupid" is the more likely to get a release -- the show had a huge following when it was on the air and Jeremy Piven's now more well known because of "Entourage." But the fact that "Bette" is even ON the list (let alone that it's the second most voted for) is promising.
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