Season 1 Episode 7

In My Life

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on CBS

Episode Recap

Throughout the episode, Bette plays the piano and sings the theme to the series "Nobody Else But You." As Connie, Roy, Oscar, and Rose begin to join her, she reminisces about how she first met each of them... Connie - 1980
Bette meets Connie in the restroom at Studio 54. Bette misses Connie's performance of "Funky Mailbox" so she sings a little bit to her. They become friends. Roy - 1983
Connie and a nervous Bette get onto an airplane and Bette's seat is next to Roy. He is obviously annoyed by her. Roy eases her into the flight and she begins to like him. Oscar - 1986
Oscar applies for the job of musical director. Connie's more interested in a table than in Oscar's application. Oscar avoids her question of how much he paid for the table by answering different questions about himself, and ends up with a generous amount of money for his pay. Rose - 1987
Rose gives birth to Rose. In a lot of pain, she slams Roy's head into the bed repeatedly, makes Connie perform the end of West Side Story, and calls on Oscar to videotape.
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