Season 1 Episode 12

Of Men and Meatballs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2001 on CBS
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Of Men and Meatballs
When Connie's date turns out to be disastrous, Bette takes her out for a night on the town, but all of the men they encounter are losers. Meanwhile, Oscar spends time with Rose and the two realize that they have nothing in common.

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  • When Connie's date turns out to be a dud, the two girls make a night of it and hit the town trying to find a man for Connie. This leads them to a college bar, a happy hour, and eventually crashing a wedding where Bette becomes the wedding singer!moreless

    I really enjoyed this episode, and for some reason it's one of my favorites. I love the relationship between Bette and Connie, and this episode showcases it hilariously. I enjoy the way the show works in the "behind the scenes" aspect of Bette's career. In this episode Bette starts out doing a guest role on Family Law as a nurse who murders her 80 year old husband by running him down with her volvo! Tony Danza appears as this episodes "special guest." In true diva fashion, Bette hasn't even bothered to read the script and has no idea that Family Law is a drama! Instead, she is more focused on the stunt coordinator who she immediately hooks Connie up with. When this guy turns out to be a dud, Bette and Connie spend a girls night out, which sets up the premise of the episode. Although this isn't perfect ten comedy, and definately not emmy worthy, there are some truely hilarious moments through out the episode. First the girls end up at a bar they used to hang out at back in the day, and they discover its now a college hang out. They get hit on by guys young enough to be their sons and Connie ends up doing a Body shot off a 23 year old. There next stop of the night lands them at happy hour at the Penninsula Hotel. The two ladies troll for men while eating swedish meatballs and sipping Martinis. They eventually find a guy and they join him at a party he's hosting which turns out to be his wedding!! Bette gets suckered into singing and hilariously sings "Who Let the Dogs Out"!!eventually Connie hooks up with the best man.

    As I said before its great watching Midler and Gleason together and this was def one of their best episodes. Bette continues to draw all the laughs and does so hilariously. However the reason why I dont give this episode a perfect 10 is the same reason as all the other episodes, there were too many wasted opportunities for comedy. This episode could have been restructured as a great two parter. Bette's daughter Rose should have been given something funny to do like drug Oscar with sleeping pills and throw a teen party in the house while Bette and Connie were out. Also the two ladies should have stayed at the bar for the whole episode and gotten crazier. This would have been hilarious seeing Bette and Connie letting loose and then cutting to Roses party at home. Bette and Connie could have gotten arrested and gone to jail while at the same time the cops are called on Rose at home! Then the second episode would have Bette and Connie sharing a cell with hookers that turn out to be big Bette fans and Bette starts bonding with them like the Harletts!! Then the episode could have ended with Bette and her daughter on the cover of a tabloid!moreless
  • Connie comes alive.

    The team work of Bette Midler and Joanna Gleason finally shines once again during this episode.

    They have two very separate and distince approaches to comedy, but coupled with each other it seems to work.

    I would say this episode would be one that breathed new life into the series, but it's already far too late. Even a respirator wouldn't sustain the show's life.

    A couple episodes back, i'd like to have blamed the HDTV concept for hurting this show's ratings (as on non-HDTV sets it was almost harmful on the eyes to watch). But it still falls on the writers and producers.moreless

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