Season 1 Episode 4

Silent But Deadly

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2000 on CBS

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  • And the slapstick abounds.

    I was almost scared to watch this episode when i read it's synopsis.

    Bette can't speak. Egads, the supporting players are going to have all the lines?

    With trepidation I tuned in anyway just hoping that a miracle would have happened and gifted the other actors with the ability to pull it off.

    I usually like Kevin Dunn (the actor who plays Midler's tv hubby) but he's just not a comedy presence at all. Sure every zany comedienne needs her straight man (Lucy & Ricky are the best examples) but at least Desi Arnaz could be funny and drop a line like he'd been born to it.

    Bette gets a chance to stretch a little here and show us she can be funny without saying a word, which honestly, not many actors can do.

    Will this show even make it to it's initial 13 episodes before it's dumped?

    The best we can hope for is some major changes. Hopefully Bette will put in a call to Roseanne to find out how to patch a sinking ship before it goes under.
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