Better Off Ted

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jun 30, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ted makes his way through the office, admiring the machine-like efficiency of the employees. He checks in with Phil and Lem, who are developing an ultra-sonic transmitter that sends voice messages that only a single person will hear. On the highest setting it can cause vomiting, but other than that it's good. They test it on Rick, who uses the copying machine too often, and pretend to be God.

Linda rearranges her cubicle and notices something flammable dripping from the ceiling. They call in the contamination unit to deal with it and Veronica reveals that Dr. Bhamba's new biocomputer is leaking. Dr. Bhamba comes down to provide doughnuts and admits that his biocomputer, Johnny, is suddenly leaking after working perfectly for three years. The company is forced to reassign many of the workers to different working spaces. Linda is sent to share an office with Wallace the food tester and hints to Ted that she'd like to share offices with him. Ted ignores her suggestions and explains to Phil that it wouldn't be a good idea for him and Linda to share an office.

Wallace has soon creeped out Linda, who goes to Ted and tell him specifically she needs to get away from Wallace and share office space with Ted. Ted gives in but figures things will be fine as long as they keep things professional. Linda soon makes it difficult to keep things professional.

Meanwhile, Lem admires the attractive female scientist, Lucy from Robotics that has been reassigned to their workspace. Phil persuades him to go for it and Lem talks to her. She jokes about her robot boyfriend and is impressed by Lem's efforts to make a joke.

In the office, Linda catches Ted staring at her butt. She's more amused then offended. However, Ted soon realizes that Linda's work habits are incredibly annoying. He interrupts her efforts to talk to her fish and tells her to provide the report they need. Linda takes it personally and figures Ted didn't get enough love from his mother. She starts singing and refuses to stop.

The next day after their date, Lucy thanks Lem for their date and they admit they had a great time despite the fact it ended with him sneezing in her face because he's allergic to her perfume. In the lab she tries to kiss him but Brody, their newly assigned office mate, arrives. Brody manages to offend Lucy right away and Lem bonds with her as they attack Brody.

Veronica tells Ted that upper management is upset over the leak and the disruption to the workspace. She realizes Ted is having problems with Linda but denies she's jealous. Back in the office, Linda works for ten minutes and then decides to discuss Ted's ex-wife. It soon becomes personal and he goes to Veronica's office to ask to move in with her. She agrees but Veronica soon becomes distracted by Ted's screaming hair. She also practices karate to lose her stress. She returns from a meeting to reveal that upper management is blaming her for the toxic leak. Veronica decides to do some target practice to relieve her stress and Ted goes to Phil to see how he's doing in solving the leak. Phil says he'll do what he can. Linda arrives and says she wants to talk to Ted about how things are going. Ted tries to avoid a fight by not talking at all and quickly flees.

Brody and Lucy start to bond, making Lem nervous. He uses the ultra-sonic transmitter on its highest setting, which induces vomiting, but hits Lucy by accident. Ted arrives and tells them it's time to fix the biocomputer using Phil's experimental polymer. Phil warns it hasn't been tested and there's a 20% chance it could explode. Ted still likes the odds and prepares to inject the polymer. However, Phil realizes the biocomputer is stressed and has an ulcer, so it's excreting acid. He writes a program to release the acid when it overloads on stress. Ted realizes he and the biocomputer are much alike: they get stressed out when they don't communicate. He goes to talk to Linda, who wants to work but agrees to chat. Ted tells her how much her work habits bug him but she figures he really wants her but won't because he's afraid he'll lose her too. Ted points out she flirts back and she has a girlfriend. They agree not to flirt and Linda storms out.

Lem goes to see Lucy with dry cleaning. He starts to apologize only to discover that Brody is there. Lucy apologizes, admitting that Brody took care of her when she started throwing up.

The biocomputer heals and everyone goes back to their own work spaces. Lem is disappointed. Dr. Bhamba sings. Veronica promotes Lem to a title he already has and realizes he shouldn't have, and goes to see if he owes back pay. Linda professionally gives Ted her professional report. Ted responds professionally... and notices she's put a warning on her butt.