Better Off Ted

Season 2 Episode 12

It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Ted meets with Phil and Lem to demonstrate their new lie detector to Veronica. It appears to work fine, until Veronica displays her ability to will herself into believing whatever they say. As the scientists leave to fine-tune their machine, Chet comes in and reminds Ted that their daughters Rose and Olivia are getting together for miniature golf, and their fathers will be accompanying them. After Chet leaves, Veronica complains that Ted is becoming part of the "kid mafia," and that it won't work out well.

Lem and Phil see Linda yelling on the phone and decide to approach her. She tells them that the company won't give her a $5,000 loan for damages her brother caused to her car. Phil and Lem decide to offer her the money but Linda refuses, until they take offense and insist that she take their loan.

At the miniature golf course, the fathers watch their daughters play and Chet reminds Ted that the employee father of the last child that beat Olivia at golf ended up in Nigeria. Ted gets nervous and when Olivia complains that she's losing, tells her that if she wins the next hole, she wins the entire game. Chet, impressed, promises that Ted will be put in charge of Veridian's major project for talking with animals. Ted tells Rose to lose, but when she refuses, he kicks her ball away when she's not looking.

Phil and Lem give Linda the $5,000 and then ask her to join them for nacho bowling. They bowl and have nachos, but take the cheese back to the lab. If the percentage of real cheese matches up, they drink. Linda says that she can't, unaware that the lie detector is nearby. It buzzes and they realize that she's lying to them.

Ted isn't feeling good about undermining Rose at the golf course. When he goes to see her at the company daycare, however, he learns that she doesn't like Olivia anymore. Rose tells him that Olivia has invited her to her birthday party, and she refuses to go. Veronica comes in and tells Ted that she's convinced her niece Hannah to go to daycare and become friends with Olivia. Hannah prefers Rose over Olivia. Chet comes in and invites Hannah to Olivia's birthday party, and Ted assures the CEO that Rose will also be there.

Phil and Lem spot Linda talking to Ted, and approach him afterward to warn him that Linda is a liar. He tells them that there's some explanation and they should talk to her as friends and find out what. As they approach her desk, the guys hear Linda discussing strippers and alcohol for a meeting the coming weekend and figure she is throwing a party and didn't invite them.

Ted arrives at the party center without Rose and finds Veronica still pretending that Hannah is her daughter. When she can't identify the girl, he realizes that "Hannah" is actually Veronica's neighbor girl, Ava, since Hannah didn't want to come. Chet doesn't notice any difference between the girls, and Ted tries to claim that Rose is in the ball pit. He pretends that Hannah is Veronica's daughter in return for Veronica pretending that Rose is there.

Lem and Phil plan revenge against Linda, and get drunk and go to her apartment. They bust in only to discover that she's hosting an intervention for her alcoholic brother, Dustin. They apologize and quickly get out.

At the party center, Olivia complains that she can't find Rose and suggests that she might have been murdered. All of the center employees put the place on lockdown mode and the children panic, and Ted has no choice but to tell the truth. Veronica can't resist rubbing it in and Ted tells Chet that she lied as well.

At the next team meeting, Ted and veronica snipe at each other while Phil and Lem watch. They're happy no one is mad at them until Linda bursts in, mad at them. They try to apologize and Linda insists she never wants to see them again... and the lie detector registers a lie. The guys insist on hugging her and she says she doesn't want them to, registering another lie. She runs off and they chase after her to give a hug. Meanwhile, Ted wonders if Veronica is trying to keep him from getting a promotion. She reluctantly admits that she'd miss him if he was gone, and that she's worried she'll lose him. Ted assures her that he'll always be there for her. Chet comes in and tells them that he's decided to give them more punishment, and banishes them both to the very tiny office. Meanwhile, Linda enjoys a night of nachos, bowling, drinking, and dancing with Phil and Lem.
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