Better Off Ted

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Aug 11, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ted prepares to lie to 2,000 people, just because he likes a girl. The Past Lem and Phil are on the gun range demonstrating their new unbreakable dinnerware. It’s a bit heavy and Ted wants a lighter version. As Ted goes back to his office, Linda mentions she saw an ad about Veridian going green. She wants to work with the group doing the green project and help install a roof garden. Ted can’t help but give in to her and says he’ll clear it with Veronica. They hug but Linda insists it’s platonic and she has a boyfriend. Veronica explains to Ted that there is no such a program despite the commercial. He worries about what to tell Linda and finally lies to her. He says she’ll do the roof garden by herself and she can’t tell anybody else. If it works out, Ted can sell it as a successful project. Now all he has to do is secretly move money around. Veronica notices. Ted has to think fast and makes up a fictional project name, Jabberwocky. When he suggests Veronica might know about it, she can’t admit she’s out of the loop. She goes to her boss, Chet, who won’t admit he’s out of the loop. They both agree they know what it is. Phil and Lem have a new unbreakable plate ready. Unfortunately, it tends to spontaneous combust and Ted pulls the plug on the project. Phil and Lem are depressed. The rumor is spreading about Jabberwocky and everyone wants to be in on it. They keep pestering Veronica, but Ted can’t bring himself to tell her the truth given how happy Linda is. Linda offers him tea and water made from urine put through the water purification system. Ted tries to convince her that she’s too spread out working on the project, but Linda insists on continuing. Phil and Lem soon go to Ted and ask to be on the Jabberwocky project. Ted tries to tell them the truth but they don’t believe him. Even Lem’s mother knows about it. They think Ted’s cutting them out and they figure they have to come up with a way to get back into Ted’s good graces. Ted decides to spread a counter rumor to stop Jabberwocky, warning it’s a career-killer. Meanwhile, Lem and Phil go to Linda to ask her about how to get into Ted’s good graces. They figure they can get in with him by helping Linda. They decide to help her with her project and she needs cheap lighting. They suggest bioluminescence. Later in the elevator, Linda tries to secretly thank Veronica, who has no idea what she’s being thanked for. Veronica asks her for details about Jabberwocky but they involve Ted drinking urine and Veronica is still confused. She goes through Ted’s files and when he catches her, she admits she doesn’t know what Jabberwocky is. He finally tells her the truth and Veronica explains that they’re presenting Jabberwocky to the entire division. Now they have two hours to come up with a product that no one has ever seen before. The Present Linda and Ted come out on stage and try to sell Jabberwocky in very general terms. Everyone applauds the presentation and lacking a product doesn’t slow them down. Finally they tell them it’ll be coming in three years and leave it at that. Naturally, nobody wants to admit they’re out of the loop. Ted promises never to lie to Veronica again Ted goes up to the roof garden and tells Linda the truth, and insists that it wasn’t pointless and she made a difference. Linda is happy that he stole for her and they start to hug. Phil and Lem arrive and light up the rooftop with bioluminescence, merging firefly DNA with the flowers. Ted is impressed, figuring he can sell it to the company. Unfortunately, a few squirrels with firefly DNA have got loose. A few weeks later, they get tomatoes. The squirrels go insane. And Veridian sends the company to Japan, where they’re still trying to figure out what it is.