Better Off Ted

Season 2 Episode 10

Lust in Translation

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 19, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The stress level at the company is how because of their current project: a multi-language translator device. Ted tries to calm Phil and Lem by taking a laid-back approach, but they realize he's overcompensating and start to panic. Once Ted tells them he needs a demonstration, they wonder why he was so calm and got them panicked. Ted suggests that they don't want to panic their German partners, so the guys should clear away their evil projects… which is pretty much everything. Once he leaves, Phil and Lem wonder if everything they do is evil.

Linda is also feeling stressed, particularly when two co-workers discuss a Youtube video about a goat in front of her. She finally walks off.

Veronica is working on her presentation when she hears a banging noise. She follows it to a supply room that Linda has decorated. Linda explains that she decorated the place and goes there to get away from the stress of the corporate world. She explains that the thumping noise was her playing a new game she's created that involves bouncing bagels into an open air vent. Veronica insists that she's better and the game begins.

Ted goes to meet with the Germans and discovers Veronica is late. He's not unpleased when he discovers the German CEO, Greta Schultz, is a very attractive woman. She isn't fluent in English and makes a sexual innuendo about Ted.

Linda wins the first game of Linda Bagel and Veronica insists on going again. She doesn't do any better the second time.

Phil and Lem present their multi-translator as Veronica finally arrives. Phil demonstrates but the translator has a creepy robot voice that upsets the Germans. They start to leave and Ted promises they'll have the voice fixed in a few days. He suggests they stay and sightsee, and Greta suggests that Ted take her around. Ted is glad to agree. However, afterward Veronica warns that nothing good comes from mixing sex and business. Confident he can separate his personal and business lives, Ted ignores her and takes Greta to dinner.

Phil and Lem try to come up with something good to prove they're not evil scientists. Ted tells Veronica that Phil and Lem need more time, and Greta is more than happy because they've had sex. Veronica warns that he's becoming arrogant and nothing good can come from it. As Linda goes by, Veronica asks for a rematch. Linda agrees, once Veronica addresses her as Queen Linda the Dainty-Footer. Afterward, Linda explains to Ted what's going on, and how she's found something that she's better at than Linda. Ted warns that Veronica will get revenge, but Linda insists he can't lose. Ted warns that she's becoming arrogant and nothing good can come from it. As Ted leaves for another date with Greta, Veronica gives Linda more work. Linda refuses to be intimidated and reminds Veronica that she's a lousy bagel thrower.

Ted goes back to Greta's hotel with her, but she reveals that she has the upgraded translator. She told them to hurry so that she could talk with Ted. Unfortunately, there's one problem: it uses Phil's voice. Ted tries to explain but Greta likes the voice and asks Ted to kiss her. In Phil's voice. He's suitably creeped out and she wonders if their relationship was just about sex. Ted doesn't want to give up a good thing and reluctantly goes to bed with her.

The next day, Ted confronts Phil, who explains they already had his voice in the computer. Ted admits he can't fulfill his manly duties when Phil is the one talking to him. They warn that it could take a while to do it but Ted tells them to go ahead. As Veronica comes in, Ted insists that everything is fine. She then wants Phil and Lem to design an aerodynamically perfect bagel. They figure it can't be used for evil, until she explains she wants to use it to crush Linda at Linda Bagel.

Ted asks Linda if she'd be offended if he told her not to talk during sex. She ducks the question and goes back to all the work Veronica has left her. Ted suggests she let Veronica win, but Linda admits she can't make herself lose because it feels so good to beat Veronica at something. Ted suggests she find a way to lose gracefully.

The next time he's in bed with Greta, Ted turns up the music. Greta isn't fooled and insists it's worth it for the chance to share their feelings and sexual instructions. Ted is still turned off and Greta orders him out because he doesn't want to talk.

The Germans walk out on the project and Veronica blames Ted for thinking he was too smarter. Ted doesn't want it to end that way and goes to see Greta. He uses the translator only to discover Lem has programmed it with Klingon. He quickly switches back to Phil and Greta agrees to give him one minute.

Veronica is heading for the lab to get the super-bagels. Phil and Lem wonder if they should take a stand, but decide to procrastinate for a bit first.

Veronica tells Linda it's time for a rematch and lies about the super-bagels. Linda lies and tells Veronica that security found out about the room and are coming to lock it up. Veronica realizes she has no choice but to play without the super-bagels and starts a new game.

Greta gives Ted another choice to have sex with her. Ted tries to talk about their feelings, but Greta wants sex. Hard sex. While talking in Phil's place.

Veronica scores and taunts Linda. Before Linda can throw, they hear Ted and Greta having sex, with Greta talking in Phil's voice. Linda is so disturbed that she loses legitimately. Veronica goes for the final point and wins. She crawls into the vent to get the winning bagel.

Phil and Lem go to confront Veronica. However, she and the ductwork she's in crash through the ceiling. Lem tells her she can't use their bagels for evil, but Veronica is too busy gloating to notice.

Later, Veronica is happy that the Germans agreed to become partners. He tries to congratulate her for winning Linda Bagel, but Veronica is partially deaf from falling to the floor in a metal tube. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem discover their high impact bagels taste horrible, but make great throwing weapons.
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