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  • Why do all the best shows get cancelled?

  • Still Missing

    Better Off Ted is definitely one of the best shows ever made. Well, being that good got it cancelled. Clever, hilarious.. just plain awesome. Veridian Dynamics. Don't cross us. Ever. Seriously. Just don't.
  • it's not better off that teds cancelled!

    why was this amazingly creative show cancelled? I hate that networks are all about ratings and not quality. that's why im hoping for netflix to pick up atleast a 3rd season. it was really funny and the charcters were good too.
  • Better Off Ted is Epic

    Awesome show, that's all i got to say. Kind of like Arrested Development.10/10
  • Never say never

    Most humorous and sarcastic shows ever made... Does anyone know why?
  • A clever title goes here!

    Should never have been cancelled a great show

  • Another cutting edge satire bites the dust

    Pity that well written smart satires don't last while gross and smarmy comedies that hit us over the head with their obvious sexual jokes keep getting renewed year after year even in the midst of stats going into rehab hell and having to be replaced by other actors. What a pity.

    So we lose Reaper....See Psych outclassed by a weak sister Mentalist and the list goes on. Never underestimate the intelligence of the American public.
  • Shwing Bang - This is off-the-hook hillarity

    Set in the office building of a huge multi-national conglomerate corporation, Veridian Dymanics, Better off Ted pokes fun at the Corporate world and at big business.

    Veridian is so out of touch with reality that they make one P-C blunder after the next, from automated light sensors that dont see black people, to cryogenically freezing an employee as an experiment. Oh, and lets not forget the office day-care centre which believes in preparing the youngsters for the future by using them as the office cleaners.

    The small cast, led by Portia DeRossi are brilliant together. The writers seem to have found the right niche of contrasting characters to accomodate the seemingly mundane plot-lines. I say seemingly as there is no mundane in Better off Ted.

    This show is irreverant, anti p-c and altogether funny. Another great show to add to the TiVo.
  • I bet ABC got baught off to cancel this show! Shallow! They need to bring this and Reaper back!!!!

    I can't believe they cancelled this show??!!!?? This is one of my favorites!! My husband loves it and its hard to find something we both like!!! My dad even go into it. It is soooo funny. My favorite was veronica. She nailed that role! I love the science geeks too. We saw it on NetFlix and were pissed when there were only 2 seasons. We can't stand some of the other shows out there, they aren't making shows like this. I bet ABC got baught off to cancel this show! They need to bring this and Reaper back!!!! 2 1/2 men? really? Who do we need to contact to do this? Seriously.
  • It's a "laugh out loud" show!

    I love this show. It's a "laugh out loud" show and it's something new and fresh! I love the cast, they are perfect! I love this show. It's a "laugh out loud" show and it's something new and fresh! I love the cast, they are perfect! I love this show. It's a "laugh out loud" show and it's something new and fresh! I love the cast, they are perfect! I love this show. It's a "laugh out loud" show and it's something new and fresh! I love the cast, they are perfect!
  • A comedy about business politics in the corporate wordplace. Its like Dilbert+Drew Carey+The Office+soemthing else awesome. This was a great show, sad to see they cancelled it. I thought it was much better compared to V

    A show that deserved at least a second season. It looked so much better, had hillarious and yet akward interactions. Sad to see it was cancelled. I felt it was a much better show than even V which had bad CGI and Green screen. This show did only hit a certain limited audience. But it was still a show that had potential for what it was. Yes, it seems that ABC only sticks more to drama than comedy, but this show made me want to watch ABC outside of my usually Sunday night block. Potential was there for something great but now its lost.
  • If your a tru fan of Better Off Ted Please blow up every review place online until it is back on the air Contact me please not spam big fans of better off ted only. First.

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  • Reigning in the crazy!

    Better Off Ted is a great show – great writing, great actors and great chemistry! We have to pause this show often because we laugh so hard we miss some of the dialogue and have to go back to hear it. I have to say my favorite characters are Lem and Phil, the two lab guys. They're great together; you can believe they've been friends and co-workers for years. Ted is funny too, trying to "reign in the crazy" that surrounds him daily. Veronica is a hoot as the uptight supervisor with a heart of well… stone – but in a good way! She doesn't understand much of human behavior, not because she's mean she just never learned. Give this show a chance – it's worth it!
  • AWESOME!!! Why good shows never gets what they deserve????

    How can I start...?? This show is one of the best shows out there, well comedy-shows, and I haven't felt this good about a show in a while (well at least since Friends ended!) I mean this is a very funny and clever show, and that combination isn't that common to find on tv! Lem and Phil are just too hilarious together, Veronica and Linda's bits are very funny.. and then there is Ted: the glue that holds everything together.. which brings a lot more fun around!!! The writing is amazing, the actors are great and the chemistry between the whole cast is something special! Unfortunately this show may not last.. so my advice is "watch it while you still can!". In my opinion it should get a lot more attention than the one that it's getting!
  • Ted Crisp deals with the absurd day-to-day at a heartless company, Veridian Dynamics, at the head of which, is Veronica, as unethical as her company.

    Most reviews I've read have linked this show to Arrested Development and The Office. While I am a huge fan of both of those shows, I'd have to say that their assessments are a little inaccurate. Yes, this show does have Portia de Rossi in it, and it is set in an office, but that might be where the similarities end for me - especially with The Office. Instead, this show is more similar to 30 Rock, in my opinion. The strange boss/employee relationship is there, the quirky co-workers are there, and the lack of ethics is there. Better Off Ted does have some of the absurdity of Arrested Development, but it's a little hard to describe. The quality that makes the Bluths so ridiculous and over-the-top is in this show as well. So whatever you would call that... All in all, it is a good show, worthy of giving a try, and I suppose if you want a comparison, it is between 30 Rock and Arrested Development.
  • Ted is a upper management type for a Veridian Dynamics. He works with out and out weirdos that make this show hilarious.

    By all accounts I came into this show late and was only introduced to it because of an article on that said that fans of The Office should give it a go. Well what I can say is that the people that wrote that artcle have no idea what they are talking about. But that doesn't stop this show from being hilarious!

    The show is like 30 Rock meets Malcolm in the Middle, which sounds weird enough but it works really well and this comes down to the great characters that always have something weird and wonderful to bring to the table in each episode.

    The show centres around a business called Veridian Dynamics that basically makes anything under the sun. Ted is apart of the research area of the company that tries to create whatever his over bearing boss wants and then markets it to the bg wigs to put it on the market. From lab grown meat to weaponized pumpkins they get the lab scientists to whip up for them. There is of coarse a love interest as well, Linda, who is the head tester at Veridian Dynamics has a thing for Ted and Ted feels the same way. But Ted doesn't make a move because he doesn't want to get into a relationship because he has a young daughter that he doesn't want to have another mother figure leave her. Look all you really need to know is that this show is very funny and is worth watching. The characters are great, the situations are quirky but also relatable enough so you can grow attatchments to each and every character.Watch it, love it, thank me later!
  • Arrested Development meets The Office.

    The pilot was actually pretty weak, but it's really starting to get into its rhythm by episode 4-5. Still feels like it is missing a little warmth, but one of the better comedies on TV.

    There are few comedies on TV that actually make both me and my wife laugh, and this is one of them. The fact that it does so with very little of the "cringe-comedy" so prevalent today (The Office, Worst Week Ever, etc etc) is a testament to it's fabulous dry wit. Glad it's been renewed for a second season, could use a little more of a story arc - something to look forward to - but it's a must Tivo show.
  • This isn't the best shows on ABC but it is a great comedy. Everything about it is different from most comedy shows and that is a good thing. I enjoyed the first season and I am very glad ABC renewed it to see what they have for us in the second.

    The reason I gave it an 8.5 was because it is a good show, but personally it didn't really catch my eye. I enjoyed watching it and keeping up with it but I wasn't that excited to see a new episode. I am glad that ABC renewed but a little surprised since it only had seven episodes and I didn't think it had good ratings, but I was wrong. I honestly thought this show was going to get canceled but I am glad that it didn't so we can see what it has to give us in its sophomore year. Everything about it is unique and different but at the same time it makes us laugh. I can't wait to see the future of this show.
  • Couldn't stop watching it as soon as i started...

    ...its really one of those shows that gets us by the nutz, with is witty humour, lack of pretention to be that originall and at the same time it can be :D
    The roles are so perfect for each caracter, the cold hearted boss, the loving caring aid, the goofy lab rats. And the way they film it so clean is also a good asset to the show.
    The funniest part is knowing that theres a bunch of real companys out there that do work like that: try to hide their mistakes by using clever marketing and playing with human stupidity.
    Bottom end: those comercials are priceless.
    "We care. You Buy".
  • Finally a good comedy premiered. No laugh-reel, just good comedy. If you love Arrested Development, you'll love this show.

    The show revolves around Ted, a single dad who's head R&D at Veridian Dynamics; a large tech company that puts the value of money over people. At this time, only four episodes have aired, but I must say, they are all balanced, good and overall very funny. What I like most, is that they are built up with very short hilarious sketches that often contain great one-liners. Also, there are character 'themes' which reminded me of Arrested Development.

    Overall: The best new comedy on TV. My suggestion is that you check this out soon and tell all your friends, because the ratings at this time are not too promising and we would hate to lose another great comedy ;)
  • A must-watch. My new favorite show, it's absolutely hilarious!

    This show wins my vote for funniest show on TV, hands-down. I think there are some great comedy programs out there that come close to the brillance of this show, but I laughed out loud twice as hard at this show than any other I've seen.

    I don't even know where to begin.. I think the whole thing is absolutely brilliant. The characters and acting are great, the writing superb, the plot and subject matter intelligently ridiculous (a la Arrested Development). It's truly a perfect comedic blend.

    All of the characters are enjoyable to watch, but I think Portia di Rossi is the standout. Her character is meant to be unintentionally funny, and the great dialogue with Portia's delivery, facial expressions, and body language just push it over the top into sheer comedy genius. She is fantastic.

    All in all, I highly recommend this show. I have to watch the episodes again because I couldn't hear some of the dialogue over my laughter. :)
  • Well, the pilot was good. The first episode was Brilliant. This is clearly a remake of the quirky and superior "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" also from Victor Fresco

    Victor Fresco has developed, written and produced some terrific and quirky TV comedies over the past few years, including "And Richter Controls the Universe", the hard-to-find "The Trouble with Normal", the hit "My Name is Earl", the teenage-oriented "Life on a Stick", and writing several episodes for "Alf" and "Evening Shade".

    This show is clearly a re-think and re-production (with all new writing) of the Andy Richter vehicle of 2002-2004. "Ted" even features Jonathan Slavin as "Phil", who played "Byron" in the Andy Richter show.

    It's quirky, clever, sharp, and mostly played deadpan straight. I laughed out loud several times during the pilot, and was ROLLING on the floor twice during the first episode "Heroes".

    The characters are charming and well-drawn, the direction and comedic timing are perfect, and if it were and sharper and drier it would cut you!

    I highly recommend this show!
  • This deserves to be a hit!

    I haven't been hooked on a comedy in a long time, but I'm definitely feeling hooked by "Better Off Ted." I only hope ABC gives it time for find an audience. Portia de Rossi is great as the dragon lady boss, and the guy who plays Ted has a great look and style. Kind of like Don Draper, if Don Draper had more of a sense of humor. I thought the flirtation between Ted and Linda was sexy and cute, and the bond between Lem and Phil, the two scientists, had a real oddball charm. Just when you thought the only good comedies out there had Tina Fey in them, this show comes along and makes you feel hopeful again.
  • Best new sitcom I've seen in at least a decade

    This show is absolutely hilarious. The characters are quirky in a great way, and they couldn't have found better actors to bring them to life. Especially Phil and Lem--funny characters cast to perfection. I haven't enjoyed a comedy this much since Cheers and NewsRadio, and both of those are ten years and more in the past. I'm worried, though. I have a history of latching on to shows that are cancelled after 12 episodes. Journeyman, Firefly... Hopefully this one will fare better. Television needs a comedy this good. If you watch only one sitcom in the next ten years, it needs to be this one.
  • Love it! It's the new Arrested Development meets The Office. Laughed my butt off!

    I love the characters in this show.
    I love the uptight boss who needs any crazy thing to exist. I love the main character who struggles to juggle the management role with having a conscience and looking after his underlings. I love the defiant employee who steals creamer and doesn't really care about the company. I also love the nerdy, weird researchers.

    This show is mostly realistic, with a twist of wackiness to it. Anyone who's ever worked in a large corporation can relate to this, and I don't think I've ever laughed harder!

    Portia De Rossi is astounding in her role as the emotionless uptight boss woman.
  • It is a funny show and i will continue to watch but, there was a bit too much crammed into the episode.

    I will give it the fact that it is only the pilot which is a good reason for it being so packed. I'm hoping that each episode will be aimed towards one or two inventions though. It will be interesting to see what inventions they come up with. Most shows head uphill fast as i think this one will. I gave it an 8.5 at the moment but i believe it will quickly become one of my favorites. It is definitely a must see for anyone who loves comedy. The ad at the beginning cracked me up i could not stop laughing
  • Certainly a comedy that has a great deal of potential and could be nothing less than hilarious if the writers can find their sweet spot.

    The premier of Better Off Ted certainly wasn't the funniest comedy that has been put on the air waves in a long time but it has a real potential to be a standout, smash hit if given the right amount of time for the writers to get their acts together and use the talent at their disposal. The power of this comedy comes in the talent that the show's producers have lined up. Portia de Rossi as the heartless and tough boss Veronica plays well as she comes off unsympathetic to the plights of her underlings who exhibit no loyalty to her as she does to them. Playing the stereotypical opposite to Veronica of course Ted Crisp, played by Jay Harrington, who embodies that mid-level supervisor we've all had who loves their job and is loyal to the company and his subordinates to a fault and because of that his coworkers will follow him anywhere. Harrington does a great job portraying the lovable supervisor that has to balance pleasing the cold and unseen management while protecting his friends/coworkers.
  • Better Off Ted Is Just Downright Funny The First Episode Made me Say This Is My Favorite New Show Its Just So Funny The Cast Is Great The First Episode Was Interesting In Many Ways From The Freezing Of Phil To The Making Of The New Chair I Just Loved It.

    Better Off Ted Is Just Downright Funny The First Episode Made me Say This Is My Favorite New Show Its Just So Funny The Cast Is Great The First Episode Was Interesting In Many Ways From The Freezing Of Phil To The Making Of The New Chair I Just Loved It. Its So Funny Specially The Water Fountian Was Halirious I Liked This Show Alot Can't Wait For More Episodes I Thought It Was Fun Its My New Best Friend. So Watch It On ABC Its A Keeper For Reals. Better Off Ted Is Great Have Some Ted And Watch It.