Better Off Ted

Season 2 Episode 13

Swag the Dog

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • The sadly final episode of this brilliant series.

    Much like Arrested Development, Better Off Ted was cut down in its prime. But maybe like AD, that's a better result for fans who never had to witness a drop in quality of this laugh-riot.

    The final episode gives a tantalising hint of what could have been in the next season, with Ted and Linda sharing their first kiss (outside of a HAZMAT suit). We also get the usual two-man show that is Lem and Phil, this time trying to get more popular in the office by counterfeiting tickets to Veridian's new reward scheme. Veronica gets a less funny plotline as she escorts a former CEO around the office, but this results in an over-the-top fight in the basement using a saw and a plank of wood.

    I've already re-watched the second season since it aired and will keep doing so; this show just never gets old. I hope Andrea Anders (Linda) as well as Jonathan Slavin (Phil) and Malcolm Barrett (Lem) return to our screens soon; I think I'll miss Linda's random rants and Lem & Phil's zany antics the most.