Better Off Ted

Season 2 Episode 5

The Great Repression

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 01, 2010 on ABC



  • Allusions

    • Ted: How do I convince you that I'm ready to graduate from this League of Extraordinarily Perverted Gentlemen?
      Referencing Alan Moore's graphic novel series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The original series, set in the late 19th century, featured Mina Harker, Allan Quartermain, Dr. Jekyll (and his counterpart, Mr. Hyde), Captain Nemo, and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, teaming up to defend England from the machinations of Fu Manchu. Subsequent sequels have featured the same team battling Martians, and then Mina Harker continuing on for adventures in subsequent years. The first series was loosely adapted into a movie in 2003.