Better Off Ted

Season 1 Episode 3

Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Ted brings his daughter to work. Linda's ex-boyfriend pays her a visit. Lem and Phil try to work out who's the boss in their relationship

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  • Veronica mentors Ted's daughter Rose

    The show still looks like it's being scripted by a 12 year old, but sure it's getting better. This installment is by far the better of the other two.

    Veronica acting sure does make you wanna throw up. Her hard-eyed glances, tilted head, and walking style seem too artificial and forced upon. Probably there is something inherently stupid about her, that doesn't make the viewers believe she is "boss" material. We had a good storyline for her this time around. Her short team up with Rose provided a few funny moments. Ted and Linda contemplate on having an affair. Their kiss through the HAZMAT suits was moronically childish. Lem and Phil are still finding it hard to deliver a laughable comedy score. Even though I found most of their sequences lame, I like the part where two of his office affairs chase him through the meeting room. I rated this a 7, as the episode was watchable and had a decent storyline. The acting needs a lot of improvement, and yes, some mature comedy as well.moreless
  • Veronica cracked me up in this episode.

    i just needed to say it. Veronica cracks me up. I laughed out loud all the way. This episode just made this show on my top 3 list of favorite shows. (I know, that's not a very good review. im sorry) THe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsTHe review needed to be more than 100 wordsmoreless

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    • Ted: Did you even notice I have my daughter with me today?
      Veronica: I look at people's eyes when I talk to them, Ted, not at their waists.

    • Veronica: Well, you're always welcome here, daughter of Ted.
      Ted: Rose.
      Veronica: I know her name.
      Ted: Rose's name.
      Veronica: You know, sweetheart, sometimes your father...
      Rose: Ted.
      Veronica: I know everyone's name.

    • Ted: Hi beautiful. Beautifuls...
      Rose: Hi, Daddy.
      Linda: Hi, Daddy. And I'm just never calling you that again.

    • Linda: Kids. God's little awkward-moment machines.

    • Linda: I got to go. I gotta meet Don at the Who Cares What People Think Cafe. Where if someone sees something that they want, they just have it, and it's the best thing they've ever had. Because that meal's been practicing yoga for seven years. In case you missed it, by "that meal" I mean me. I'm bad at metaphors, but I'm great at sex.

    • Ted: I have to watch Rose.
      Veronica: I can wash Rose.
      Ted: I said "watch" her, not "wash" her.
      Veronica: Hmm. Even easier.
      Ted: The fact that you thought I was going to go wash Rose right now makes me think you may not know that much about children.
      Veronica: I know they need to be cleaned.

    • Veronica: You have the most beautiful skin. I wish there was a way I could peel it off your face and attach it to mine. Oh, and then you'd grow new skin and like it just as much.

    • Commercial: Veridian Dynamics. We're a family, just like yours. But we don't waste our time throwing leaves around. We put our family to work. We mean real work. Not just eating mush. Our Veridian Dynamic family works for every member of your family. Even the dead ones. And we're working to bring them back and copy them, in case you lose them again. We love our family, which is why we work nights, weekends, and major holidays, because that's when families should be together. Families. Yay.

    • Linda: (as the alarm goes off) Oh, God, I've never been down here for one of these.
      Ted: I'm sure it's just a false alarm. We're not liquid, so that's a good sign.

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    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: September 28, 2009 on Canal FX
      Czech Republic: April 21, 2010 on Prima COOL
      UK: August 3, 2010 on FX


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