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Better With You

Season 1 Episode 9

Better with Thanksgiving

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 24, 2010 on ABC
Better with Thanksgiving
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Episode Summary

The entire family is relieved when Vicky's oven breaks down and she can't make one of her crazy Thanksgiving meals. Meanwhile, Mia accidentally finds her late grandmother's ring, which was presumably stolen, in Maddie's closet.

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  • I love this show!

    ABC, please do us a favor and do not cancel this show! This has become my favorite new sitcom, the whole cast is absolutely fantastic, and the title credits, the transitions, it's just recipe for a great show which this show definitely is. Not to mention, it's absolutely hysterical.

    A perfect balance of all the characters, and each and every character is instantly likable. This series a certain charm to it to make it so lovable. I really hope this show at least makes it to a second season, this is a really good show with great potential. I could see this show go on for years, and I hope it does.

    As for the episode, it was absolutely perfect. The moment when Debra Jo Rupp's character pushed over the guy to get the last puzzle piece, I could not stop laughing. This show is hysterically intriguing, and I would be shocked if this episode didn't entice you to watch the next episode.moreless

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    • Ben: Take that ring off and let's get out of here.
      Maddie: Or I could leave it on for a while. (They start to kiss)
      Security: Hi, this is security. The elevator is broken, but the camera is not.

    • Ben: If we wake up every morning and choose to be together, well, that's a valid choice.
      Maddie: That's a valid life! That's a valid life choice. Forget it, that sounds obnoxious. We'll come up with something better.

    • Ben: It's not how I imagine Mrs. Coles would behave.
      Maddie: Who said I'm gonna be Mrs. Coles? I'm not giving up my name.
      Ben: Oh, really? Wanna stick with Putney? It's not exactly Coles.
      Maddie: Watch it, Ben.
      Ben: Oh, please. It sounds like an old-timey swear word. Get off my land, ya dumb Putney!
      Joel: Old-timey swear word?
      Vicky: He's right, it's not great.

    • (doing a puzzle competition)
      Casey: Boy, are you moving slow. Is that the arthritis or the fear of losing?
      Vicky: You talk a lot for a guy with such a small vocabulary.

    • Joel: Five years ago my mother died of natural causes. Or Ben killed her. Either or.

    • Mia: Vicky pinches when she's angry.
      Joel: And when she's excited - but you kids didn't need to know this.

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