Better With You

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • It was a little disappointing!

    I'm a huge fan of "Friends", I thought maybe Shana Goldberg-Meehan would make a good job. Even when I saw James Burrows written on the screen I got more excited, 'cause he has done excellent works. I've seen Joanna Garcia on "Reba" and I loved her, Debra Jo Rupp has made an excellent job on "That's 70's Show", even on "Friends". What happened? Maybe I was expecting too much from all of them, but I feel like the show has no fun, everything was too boring, with jokes and lines we have all seen anywhere else. It was like there was no chemistry. The only thing that surprised me a little was finding that Joanna Garcia's character was pregnant.

    I want to believe that in the future these great people, who has done amazing works can work on this show, will realize about this and make a few changes on the show, 'cause, honestly, I think it's another show to watch only when you're bored, or when there's nothing else to watch. Honestly: good luck!
  • Series Premiere

    I've been anticipating this show since I read about as a pilot pickup. I was rooting for it to get a full season, for a couple reasons - 1. Joanna Garcia - loved her in Reba!
    2. creator of friends - worth a watch!
    3. i read good things about it

    so it was definitely being anticipated by me. and it didn't disappoint. This comedy was very well done, and the cast seem to have chemistry together and it looks like it has a lot of potential. I really hope this gets time to grow because this show reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. It started out as a moderate hit and was always a bubble show and then boom it does stunt casting (Britney Spears) and it skyrockets! and i'm not saying that this show should do stunt casting just comparing 2 shows.

    but one thing I didn't like is that I felt the pilot episode was exactly like the commercials just drawn out, but that's just because they shoved this whole episode into promos.

    Anyway good pilot, for a promising show.
  • Best show of the season.

    This show has good old-fashion principals of witty writing and engaging characters well-delivered by the entire cast. The humor is effortless and natural. I was pleasantly surprised. I recognize veteran performer Debra Jo Rupp from "That 70's Show" and she and Kurt Fuller make an excellent parent pair to their two very opposite daughters. I like how "dumb" the Ben character is. Reminds me a little of Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies." Anyway, it's all good and this one's keeper.

    There is no other new show I have seen this season that appeals to me. This is one I will tune into every week.
  • The beginning.

    This is one of the most promising pilots of the season. The entire cast does very well in their interactions - that's why it works. One minor thing - the guy playing Casey seems like the weak link, acting-wise, but I hope he shapes up.

    The jokes were all great, starting from meeting Casey, the sister rivalry, and jumping to the best part of the episode - the dinner. I especially loved Debra Jo Rupp - I guess it happens when you watch so much of "That '70s Show."

    Joanna Garcia did well, just like in "Reba." I really hope the show continues doing great.
  • Nice camera work - no shaky cam - but not much to say

    Well, I've eradicated, erased, and panned most of this season's pilot episodes because of lousy camera work. But this show was certainly different. GOOD steady images. Give them points. A few, anyway.

    But it's just repulsive, on another level. It's an estrogen fest, that challenges the testosterone in my blood. Okay- it is a "Romantic" comedy. I get that - Right?

    I like the actors past work. But I just didn't connect with them in this one. I didn't find it amusing, was bored, and thus not entertained.

    Sorry, folks, but I have to wipe this off my "must record" list. Next.