Better With You

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 2010 on ABC



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    • (in the taxi, going to the Indian restaurant)
      Casey: I hope your sister likes me.
      Mia: Don't worry, she will. But there is no pressure.
      (in another taxi, also going to the Indian restaurant)
      Ben: It has to work with this kid. I'm always the only guy in your family dinners
      Maddie: I know baby, I know. but I have a good feeling. My sister said he is totally different from other guys she's dated.
      Ben: Yeah, but she's said the same thing about Nate and Mike... and Emma.
      (in another taxi, going home)
      Vicky: You know the girls are having dinner tonight. Maddie is gonna meet Mia's new fellow. Kinda wished we were joining.
      Joel: We are going to have a lovely evening. Go home,have a nice meal... really reconnect.
      Vicky: You are gonna fall asleep in your clothes.
      Joel: Yeah.

    • Maddie: Is there where we are going to...
      Ben: Yes.
      Maddie: When she was still with...
      Ben: Uhum.
      Maddie: You know, part of me think...
      Ben: I could not agree with you more.

    • Mia: (to her sister Maddie, about their parents) You're their favorite. I was at their house the other day and I did a picture count on the fridge. You're winning seven to three.

    • Joel: Well, not everyone is going to wait fifteen years [to get married].
      Vicky: Oh darling, stop.
      Maddie: Was that directed to me?
      Joel: No, it was directed to Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

    • Ben: Whenever you butt in, it only makes her do the opposite. You remember when she was in college and you told her not to take that Spanish class - what did she do?
      Maddie: Majored in Spanish.
      Ben: And?
      Maddie: Went to Spain for a year.
      Ben: And now what does she dip her chips in?
      Maddie: Guacamole.

    • Maddie: He wanted my advice on how to propose to Mia.
      Ben: Getting married after two months? What is she, a Kardashian?

    • Mia: You know, you never asked my opinion about this kind of stuff.
      Maddie: You were only twelve when I started dating Ben. You just thought it was cool he could drive at night.

    • Mia: How do I look?
      Casey: Like someone who's about to get kissed.
      Maddie: How do I look?
      Ben: Not fat.
      Joel: How do I look?
      Vicky: Oh honey please, let's not fight.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America
      : November 1, 2010 on Warner Channel
      Czech Republic: March 1, 2011 on HBO Comedy
      United Kingdom: March 9, 2011 on 5*
      Turkey: May 23, 2012 on CNBC-e

    • Co-stars Jennifer Finnigan and Josh Cooke also played a couple in short-running comedy Committed.

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