Better With You

ABC (ended 2011)


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  • Better with You has to be that, because the show by it self is as bad as TV gets!

    Better with You is a lousy laugh tracked unfunny waste of time. The longer this show is on the more boring it gets! The idea that over enthusiastic delivered lines makes the show funny just doesn't work. Its like the Disney channel with Miley Cyrus where everyone acts like anything said is automatically funny. If you don't know that the show is funny, the show helps you out with it's own laugh track. I guess they think your to dumb to know when to laugh. But the biggest problem, and there are many, is the show is not funny. I don't mean that you smirk or think that something is mildly amusing, I mean the show is not funny even in the slightest way.
    If your someone that thinks Saved by the Bell is comedic genius then you will probably love this show. But the other 98% of America will see this as the adult unfunny teeny - bopper trash that it really is.