Better With You

ABC (ended 2011)


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  • Great show.

    REally, over heari in my country, Mike & Molly & This show prmeired back to back. I was epxecting to like M&M better, but it was the opposite, iI found this show much more hilarious that the fromer.

    So we have an extended fmaily that can be divided in 3 (much like Modern Family). First you have Joel & Vicki Putney, who have been like 40 years married and they dont' give a crap about each other. Then you hae their duaghters and they' parnters. Mia & Casey, recently met but are already getting marries cause Mia is pregnant, and Ben & Maddie, who are living together for 9 years as it's a "valid life choice".

    OVerall: It's a great show, and the situations that happen are priceless,andthere are tons of great onelines. 9/10.