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  • Once you get past the technobabble, there's a fairly entertaining show...

    This is one of those animes you can't just watch once. Even after three viewings, there are still elements of the plot that slip by my grasp.

    You can tell by the dialouge that a lot of thought went into planning the world. Everything happens for a reason, and there's science behind all of it.

    This show proves that a lot can be done in 26 episodes, something I wish American television shows could pick up on. The show's multitude of characters are fleshed out, plots grow and weave together as events begin to build towards a finale.

    The clues are all there for the viewer to pick up on, but with the science, this may be difficult at first. But when the show finally reveals its secrets, it's easy to go back and say "Ah...that's why this happened!"

    This became the first Anime DVD set I bought, and I was glad to do so. These are the kinds of Anime I wish G4 would show more of.
  • Did you know that there's actually a male enhancement product with the same name as this anime?

    Pros: creepy; can be funny sometimes; Betterman is a cool character

    Cons: very confusing; dark animation makes it hard to tell what's happening; not a lot of Betterman

    It's hard to tell just what kind of anime Betterman is supposed to be. Is it mecha, giant monster-battling, comedy, drama, horror, or something else? If anything, Betterman is spooky. The episodes play out with plots that are similar to those in horror movies, like worms crawling all over the room and medical doctors who for some reason are trying to kill the main characters. Despite all the creepiness, Betterman also strangely has some comedy bits. Keita Aono serves as a comic relief of sorts. He gets scared easily, so you can expect some high-pitched screams from him most of the time. Keita is also one of the few characters on the show to make anime-style "funny faces". Also, Betterman is a pretty cool character: he wears sunglasses, he can talks without moving his mouth, he's got hair like Yami Bakura (from Yugioh) except longer, and he can transform into 3 different monsterous shapes.

    I don't really want to tell you what the story is about since it's so hard to follow. The characters (especially Asami) usually go into A LOT of dialogue that are full of big words and scientific stuff. This makes Betterman have a complex story, but a confusing one at that. Also, since this is a dark anime, that means there's a lot of shadowy animation to give you that dark feeling. That also means that you won't be able to tell what the devil's going on in the scene. Finally, despite the title being called "Betterman", Betterman himself doesn't seem to have more than one scene per episode. Sure, he's meant to be a character who's shrouded in mystery, but who cares all about the other guys? I want to see more of Betterman.

    There's no doubt about it: Betterman is weird, but it's a pretty cool kind of weird.
  • wierd,creepy,classic japanese anime

    The first five episodes of this 1999 TV series play like a cross between Evangelion and Generator Gawl, but without the metaphysical overtones of the former or the rambunctious high spirits of the latter. In 2006 nerdy Keita Aono discovers he and his childhood friend Hinoki have the natural abilities to pilot Akamatsu Industries' giant "neuronoid" robots. Their foe is a mysterious monster (incongruously named Algernon), whom they battle in a subterranean amusement park and their high school basement. Despite the aid of the oracular Sakura, the mecha meet with only limited success. Keita and Hinoki have to be saved by the rainbow-haired title character, a.k.a. "Lamia," who transforms into an 18-foot monster that shatters foes with sonic waves. The story takes some improbable turns--such as when an army of robots appears on a previously empty airplane--that the Lain-style editing tricks can't disguise.
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