Betty Boop

Season 3 Episode 42

Betty Co-ed

Aired Unknown May 23, 1931 on

Episode Recap

The cartoon begins with Bimbo carrying flowers and a box of chocolates to give to his sweetheart. When he accidentally drops the box of chocolates, he uses the flowers as a broom to sweep them back into the box. (Luckily for Betty, he wisely discards the present after tasting one of the ruined chocolates.) When he arrives at Betty's dorm, he sniffs the bouquet and sneezes all but a solitary petal off the stems. After a brief encounter with a frustrating door bell, Bimbo is mobbed by Betty's male dorm mates. After tormenting him by tossing him into the air several times, Bimbo is "saved" by getting caught in a tree branch. While in the tree, Bimbo is deluged by creatures (including a mouse that looks oddly familiar) playing a bizarre variety of musical instruments. In short order, a live-action clip of Rudy Vallee introduces the song "Betty Co-ed". During the song, we're treated to the Fleischer's trademark surrealistic animation filled with numerous sight gags. Despite the song's litany of Ivy League schools, it's obvious that Bimbo and Betty go to a liberal arts college. As the graduates go thru the diploma mill, they all emerge as garbage men. Watch for Betty singing on the piano. Even before she gains her trademark looks, the men in the painting can't resist quickly pinching her bottom. A special caveat must be mentioned about this cartoon. Even though this is considered one of the more historically important Betty Boop cartoons, the character depicted is one of the least "Betty-like" of any of her cartoons. Her hair ,dress, and overall figure more closely resemble a generic cartoon girl than it does her better known "classic" depiction.