Betty Boop

Season 2 Episode 0

Minding the Baby

Aired Unknown Unknown on

Episode Recap

It begins where Bimbos' mother is going to the store and Bimbo is stuck watching his brother. He rocks him over and over and he still won't go to sleep. Betty then sings to him across the way and wants him to come over. He tells her he can't, but she lures him over anyway. The baby starts to do all sorts of bad things. He even hangs down the side of the building with the piano paper. The baby then grabs the vacuum cleaner and sucks Betty and Bimbo back into the apartment, he then sucks their large mother all the way up the side of the building and into the apartment. She then searches for all of them. The baby begins to cry and Bimbo literally zips up the baby's mouth.

The end.
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