Betty Boop

(ended 1939)





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  • Betty Boop is one of the greatset cartoons of all time,but sadly still unknown in my country

    I looooove Betty Boop!She is one of the best characters ever!She is pretty,brave,kind little lady who solves problems with her adorable singing.My favorite song is from "Betty Boop Limited" the song is called "Aintcha".Betty Boop first appeared in Max Fleishers talkertoon "Dizzy Dishes" as a poodle like cabaret singer.The main character was her boyfriend Bimbo.After that she got her own cartoon and soonly was transformed into a human.She was based in popular singer Helen Kane and voiced by Helen Kanes impressionater May Questell.The best Betty Boop episodes were from 1930 to 1934.After that Betty Boop was strictly censored.She now had smaller brests,longer dress,became a houswife rather than a suave cabaret singer,and Bimbo was replaced with other characters like Granpy,the inventor,Franky,human boyfriend and Pudgy,her puppy.The main reason Bimbo was gone was that he was a dog,and she was a human,and that could promote bestiality.After censhorship,Bettys episodes became a bit dull,but still remained a classic.Last episode was in 1938,i think.After that Betty faded away from television,but appeared in comic books and pop culture.Sadly many people in Croatia still dont know about her.I really wish they would show Betty Boop episodes in my country.Everybody needs to know about Betty Boop!!!