Betty Boop

Season 1 Episode 88

Rhythm On The Reservation

Aired Unknown Jul 07, 1939 on

Episode Recap

Driving with the insruments for her Betty Boop Swing Band, Betty arrives at an American Indian reservation. Spotting an Indian, Betty offers to buy a tom-tom drum from him. The owner's wife refuses to sell it, and Betty sadly walks back to her car.

When she gets to her car, she realizes that the natives have stolen all the band instruments. The Indians, having never seen musical instruments, create novel ways of using them, including using a trombone as a well pump. Betty gets especially tickled at a little child who is using a bass fiddle case as a canoe.

When the tom-tom owner starts to flirt with Betty, his wife catches him and glares menacingly. He quickly evacuates the area, and Betty wonders "what was so wrong"?

When Betty spots an Indian trying to use a kettle drum as an ordinary kettle, she quickly explains that it's a drum, and demonstrates for him. She starts to sing and miraculously, the Indians start to play the instruments along with her.

During the swing number, we're treating to numerous sight gags. Among the gags is one where the owner of the tom-tom is dancing happily with Betty, until his wife walks up behind Betty. Realizing that he's been caught again, he sprints off, with his tomahawk welding wife close behind.

When Betty finally leaves, the owner of the tom-tom tries to sneak off with her, but his ever-vigilante wife grabs him before he can make his escape.

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