Between Brothers

Season 2 Episode 4

Fire Walk

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 02, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

Charles, James, and Mitchell take a seat at The Corner Pub. Charles tells Mitchell that he can't believe he is tricking Dusty into thinking he is coming there to meet a fan who is also a model, and tells him it's wrong. Mitchell says that he deserves it since he has gotten such an ego, and made a website about himself. Dusty walks in and the guys act like they are casually talking. He tells them about the "model," and Charles tries to tell him the truth, but then a beautiful woman walks over and tells Dusty she is a huge fan. The guys stare in awe. Stuart walks in and tells Charles the senior editor called and they have to go to a motivational workshop on Saturday. Charles tells Stuart he has a date, but Stuart tells him it's mandatory.

Saturday, at the workshop, the host, Wyn Goalmaster, speaks. Stuart suggests they leave, but Charles reminds him that they have to stay, or they will have to return the next weekend. Wyn continues speaking, and the crowd (with the exception of Charles and Stuart) really get into his speech.

After getting called down by Dusty, James and Mitchell arrive at The Corner Pub. Dusty tells them that he is going to "hook them up," with various members of his fan club. They say it sounds like a good idea since the woman yesterday was so beautiful. Then, the president, dental hygienist Emma Sweet, walks in (she is not what they expected). She says she wants to take him to her house, and James and Mitchell say they "have plans" and tell Dusty to keep the women to himself.

Meanwhile, at the "Win with Wyn" workshop, Wyn says it's time to play a game, but then senses Stuart and Charles fighting. He makes them work out there differences, and they basically just fake it. He tells them that before the workshop is complete, everyone has to participate in a fire walk.

Dusty and Emma arrive at her place. They walk into her attic, which has a few empty chairs and a large picture of Dusty on the wall. Emma says the others on their way. Then, she shows them a dental chair she purchased from her last employer, which has a sash on it that reads, Canyon Man. She tells him it's very comfortable and persuades him to sit in it. As soon as he sits down, she straps him in, to "demonstrate the way the chair works," but then she tells him that he is hers forever and laughs. Dusty says he doesn't believe anyone is coming anymore. Then, Emma cleans Dusty's teeth, a "moment she fantasized about."

Stuart tells Charles that there is no way he will do any fire walk, and then Wyn comes back and tells everyone it's time, and Stuart runs off. Meanwhile, back at Emma's house, she and Dusty watch tapes of him, but then James and Mitchell arrive. They see Dusty, who's mouth is taped up, and think that he and Emma are about to share a moment together, and they start to leave. Mitchell comes back and takes the tape off of Dusty, who says he's been kidnapped. They say they are taking Dusty and leaving, then Emma injects James and Mitchell with something that makes them pass out. Then she tells Dusty she wants to be the mother of his child.

Stuart and Charles are up to walk across the fire, and Charles goes alone because Stuart didn't go when he said to. Then, Charles walks back and forces Stuart to walk across. Stuart feels so accomplished, that he dances on the coals.

Back in the attic, James and Mitchell wake up, but are now tied. James breaks free, then frees Mitchell. They hear Emma return and they take the needle and act like they are still passed out. They wait until she's up the stairs, then they inject her.

Later, at The Corner Pub, James, Mitchell, and Dusty tell Charles about Emma. They say that the cops came and took her way. Stuart tells Charles he's ready, and then Charles picks him up to take him home because his feet are bandaged.