Between Brothers

Season 1 Episode 13

Road Rules

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

At his place, James walks out of a bedroom, and talks with Mitchell about how excited he is to go back to his old high school, Northside High, while Dusty packs. Dusty says he is getting the outstanding alumni award. Charles walks in and James tell him to hurry since he is running late, but then Charles says that he has bad news and he has to fly to New Orleans to cover an emergency NFL Association Meeting. Dusty says that Charles was supposed to present him with his award, but says he will find someone else. Mitchell offers to, but Dusty ignores him until James offers to do it. Then, Dusty puts a tape in the VCR and shows the guys his first paid commercial, for "Big Head Bob's RV Land." The guys are not impressed, but then he tells them that they get to travel to their reunion in a custom RV, courtesy of Big Head Bob. Later, Charles packs and Dusty's commercial comes back on the TV. Just then, May and a man walk in and she tells him how they will have a great weekend alone there. She sees Charles and asks why he isn't at the home coming, and he tells her that he couldn't make it, and then asks who the man is. She sends the guy outside and then explains that she borrowed Mitchell's key. She asks him how he could miss the home coming, and he tells her about the emergency meeting, and also says that the "back to the past thing" isn't for him. She calls him out though, upon finding his yearbook open to his picture. The two sit down on the couch and then there is a flashback from "ten years ago:" In the school's cafeteria, Charles lectures a student, and May leads a group of girls calling out fashion in and outs. Back in normal time Charles says his plane leaves soon, and he better get going. May tells him how wrong it is, and reminds him how much he means to the guys and how much Dusty was looking forward to Charles giving him the award. Meanwhile, Dusty drives the RV and tells James and Mitchell that they don't need Charles. James and Mitchell tell Dusty they really like the RV, and that Big Head Bob did a good job, but then they point out how slow Dusty is driving. James says that they have came a long way since there high school days, and then another flashback shows: James, in thick glasses, reads a book in the cafeteria, and Charles approaches him. Charles tells him to get his head out of the books and James says how he can't because he has a plan, and will one day be a teacher at the school. Mitchell walks in the cafeteria dressed and acting like Michael Jackson and Dusty comes in, picks him up and moves him out of the way. Charles and May continue to reminisce, and Charles now wishes he went with the guys. Charles says he knows someone who owes him a favor, and is going to call him for a ride. Back in the RV, the guys talk about the weather, and Dusty is convinced the storm they are currently in will pass over them. Then, the RV breaks down, because it is out of gas. Dusty ensures them that it is just a temporary set back, but the others are quite upset, since they are in the middle of nowhere. Charles tells May he can't wait to see Dusty's face when he gives him the award. He asks her why she isn't leaving, and she tells him that she and Frank will leave shortly. He tells her to lock up when she is done and then he leaves. Meanwhile, in the RV, the guys try to keep themselves occupied while waiting for the emergency truck. They pick up a yearbook and then there is another flashback: Dusty and Mitchell set up for a dance. Charles walks in and tells Dusty he can no longer write editorials for the school paper, because the teacher wants him to write for the sports section. James walks in next and tells the guys he is sorry he was late, but lost his glasses and had to feel his way there. Then, May enters and says she will help. She sees James without his glasses and says she likes what she sees. Back in regular time, Dusty tells the guys that there is a tornado which just touched down nearby and he wants to get footage of it. Then, the tornado hits the RV. Charles is on a pay phone and calls May, who is sitting on his couch, with Frank. He asks her if she has heard from the guys, and says that he has hit a storm and is unsure if he should continue traveling. She tells him to continue, and he agrees. James and Mitchell hold Dusty out of the RV door while he films the tornado, but then Dusty is sucked away and flies off. The next morning, James and Mitchell walk into the RV and say they can't believe that Dusty has disappeared. They say they have to wait for the search and rescue team, and talk about how worried they are. Another flashback is shown: Dusty talks at the school dance, and announces that Mitchell will deejay, which everyone enjoys. James walks in and is now dressed in a suit and has contacts. Everyone stares and May dances with him. A man, Eric, walks over and says that May is his date, but she says not anymore. He wants to fight James, and has a crew of guys, but Charles, Dusty, and Mitchell back him up. In regular time, the guys talk about how all of them getting beat up together made them friends for life. Then, Dusty walks in, and tells the guys how much he enjoyed being in the storm. He says he got a lot of footage, but lost the camera. A car honks outside, and the guys realize it's the emergency vehicle. At James and Charles' apartment, Dusty tells Mitchell and James that he returned the RV. Then, Charles walks in and asks the guys why they didn't show up to the reunion. He tells them how he wound up going and gives Dusty the award, which he picked up for him. Dusty thanks him and gives the speech he would have gave at the reunion, but while he does, the guys all walk out of the room.
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