Between Brothers - Season 1

FOX (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Road Rules
    Episode 13
    Dusty, Mitchell and James rent an RV and head out to Lansing, Michigan, for their 10-year high school reunion. However, their road trip is interrupted by a motor home with a mind of its own and a tornado. While reminiscing, the guys' flashback to their high-school days and the events that led to their friendship. Meanwhile, May, scheming to have the apartment to herself, convinces Charles to leave work and meet the gang at the reunion.moreless
  • Kung Fools
    Episode 12
    When May defends Mitchell and Dusty after they get roughed up at the local bar, the embarrassed guys enroll in a karate class comprised of 10-year-olds. Meanwhile, Charles' feature article on retired running back Jim Brown, angers the ex-football star and James takes May on a date.
  • The Interview
    Episode 11
    When Charles interviews at Windy City Magazine to head up their sports department, he finds the woman who will determine his fate is Rebecca, his jilted ex-girlfriend. Charles' ethics are soon put to the test when Rebecca gives him an ultimatum - sleep with her and he will get the job. Meanwhile, Dusty, who's terrified of heights, fills in as the station's helicopter traffic reporter.moreless
  • Scandalous
    Episode 10
    Charles struggles with editorial ethics when he discovers a football star in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Mitchell's sister May creates havoc for Dusty when she decides to move back to Chicago. Also, May gets a job working as a waitress at The Corner Pub.
  • Elephant Men
    Episode 9
    Mitchell's plot to boost Dusty's ratings lands them on a runaway elephant. Meanwhile, May makes Charles her new boyfriend to scare off her visiting ex-husband, and James finds competition at work with a beautiful colleague.
  • New Beginnings
    Episode 8
    When Mitchell develops a crush on a teacher at his school, he turns to lady-killer James to teach him the right moves. While on their first date, Mitchell's new image backfires, and he winds up wrecking Dusty's new Porsche. Meanwhile, Charles' new cynical boss, Stuart Franklin, gives him an ultimatum: get an exclusive interview with Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants or he loses his job.moreless
  • Dusty's In Love
    Episode 7
    When Dusty meets Daisy at a coffeehouse, it is love at first sight. Worried that such a smart, beautiful woman may hurt their good friend Dusty, the guys put her through a test, which she passes with flying colors. Convinced that she is the one, Dusty pops the question. Meanwhile James, Mitchell and Charles dabble in the stock market.moreless
  • Family Affair
    Episode 6
    When Mitchell's entire family pays an unexpected visit, his father makes him an offer that may change his life. Meanwhile, Charles' interview with football sportscaster Ronnie Lott inspires him to return to the game.
  • The List
    Episode 5
    When Mason, an old college buddy turned sports agent, comes into town he hooks Charles up with all the important athletes and sports parties, and Charles soon takes on the philosophy that it's not what you know but who you know. Meanwhile jealous James, Mitchell and Dusty feel neglected.
  • The Player
    Episode 4
    Ladies man James gets played like a broken record when he meets Vanessa, a cold-hearted sex goddess whom the other guys discover is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Charles and Dusty take Mitchell to a support group for divorcés, where he drives everyone crazy.
  • Just Friends
    Episode 3
    Terri breaks up with her boyfriend. Once the guys learn of her becoming signal, Mitchell, Dusty, and James each think that she is sending signals. So, the guys go against Charles' advice to not make a pass at her, since she is their good friend.
  • The Big Three-Oh
    Episode 2
    Charles is about to celebrate his thirtieth birthday. He says he doesn't feel any different, but after he and James lose a basketball game to teenagers, he starts feeling down.
  • 9/11/97
    After learning that Charles has listed Dusty as his emergency contact instead of him, James tries to prove that he is responsible. Meanwhile, Mitchell and his second wife split up and he moves in with Dusty.