Between Brothers

Season 2 Episode 3

Spring Time

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 23, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

Dusty, Mitchell, May, and James are sitting around and cheering at the TV at James and Charles' place. It seems as if they are watching a fight, but when Charles comes in and asks if he is missing the De La Hoya fight, they tell him that they are actually watching The Jerry Springer Show. Jerry then announces if anyone knows a guy who thinks he is "The Ultimate Bachelor," to call in. May says that James should call in. Charles asks him what he thinks he could possibly achieve by going on the show and says he doesn't understand him. Then, someone knocks on the door and Charles answers. It's a woman, Debbie, who believes her godmother Heidi lives there. They step out and Charles offers to help her find her friend and asks her what she's doing there. She says she's staying with her godmother for a few days, and he offers to be her tour guide and asks her to dinner. Just then, Heidi walks in and she and Debbie hug. Debbie tells Heidi that Charles just invited her to dinner and then he asks Heidi if she minds. Heidi says no, and tells him she can be ready shortly, then she and Debbie go to her place. James walks in the apartment and tells Charles that he is set to go on The Jerry Springer Show tomorrow. Charles tells him that he has been taking Debbie places all weekend, but Heidi has been tagging along as well. Then, he says that soon Debbie is coming over alone to watch a movie. Moments later there is a knock on the door. Charles tells James it must be Debbie, and when he opens it, both Debbie and Heidi are there ready to watch the film. The next day, Charles walks into Stuart's office. Stuart says he just got off of the phone with his ex-wife, and wishes he had a woman to rub in her face. Charles suggests that he could take out Heidi, and explains the situation with Debbie to him. Stuart agrees and Charles says he thinks they will really hit it off. Later, James prepares to go on The Jerry Springer Show, and Dusty and Mitchell help. A limo is arriving soon to pick him up. May rushes in and tells them the limo is there and to hurry up, then they leave. Stuart comes in and tells Charles that he is ready to go on their double date. Moments later, Debbie and Heidi arrive and the four head out. On the set of The Jerry Springer Show, Jerry greets James. Then, May and Mitchell meet him before heading off to their seats. Dusty tells him he can "kick the show over to him" if he needs to, and then goes to sit down as well. Jerry tells James to be prepared for surprises and he says that he can handle it. Then, the show begins and Jerry comes out and speaks about the show. He says that James is backstage and they have women that believe he is irresponsible, immature, and self centered. Dusty and Mitchell try to go backstage to warn James, but two bodyguards stop them. James comes out and Jerry asks him what he thinks the women in his life feel about him being "The ultimate bachelor" and then he says the women they have there today, disagree. Jerry then calls out two women, Wendy and Shauna, who used to be friends until they found out they were both dating James. After The Jerry Springer Show takes a quick break, Jerry gets Shauna and Wendy to start yelling at James. Then, he brings out a third woman, Vanessa, who James was with at the same time. Meanwhile, Stuart and Heidi hit it off well, as Charles and Debbie watch. Then, Stuart takes Heidi to dance, so Debbie and Charles have a moment alone. The two realize that they have absolutely nothing in common, but they point out that opposites attract. Charles suggests that they head back to his place for some more alone time, and then Debbie reveals that she is celibate. Then, Stuart and Heidi return along with a few others, doing a dance Stuart just invented. Stuart tells the others to go on, since he has to take a break, then he and Heidi sit back down. Debbie and Heidi go to the restroom and Stuart tells Charles that he is taking Heidi to the paper to have some alone time. When the ladies return, Stuart and Heidi go back to the dance floor, then Charles and Debbie agree to go their separate ways. Back on The Jerry Springer Show, James (who is now surrounded by nine women) tries explaining himself. Mitchell stands up and tries to defend him, but instead ends up singing once the camera is on him. Dusty stands up and says that James is a dog and can't help himself, so they shouldn't blame him. May stands up and says that as a woman she can't accept that James has no control over his action, then takes over hosting from Jerry. Then, the women all begin fighting. At the paper, Stuart and Heidi play the game, Battleship. Then, Charles and Debbie walk in to get the key from Heidi so Debbie could go home. Stuart tells Charles he's sorry that it didn't work out for him, but Charles says it's okay, and that he's glad things worked out so well for him. Meanwhile, Jerry closes the show, and James comes to him and says he's learned his lesson and will cut back. May, Dusty, and Mitchell also chime in their opinions, and prevent Jerry from properly giving his "Final Thought." Then, James apologizes to all of the women, one by one.