Between the Lines

BBC (ended 1994)





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  • Corruption in the police force is investigated by tough cop Tony Clarke (no saint himself) and his two subordinates, Harry and Mo.

    Preceding "The Wire" by ten years, this British series had many similarities - its central figures were flawed, unhappy, often deeply frustrated people who found out the hard way that what successes they could achieve were usually compromised or partial at best. Tony Clarke, the ostensible hero of the show (played by Neil Pearson), didn't take bribes as he investigated cops who did, but he was a feckless serial adulterer with a hurting wife, was not above blackmailing a superior, and could never avoid hot water, much of it deserved. This show was tough and harrowing; in its third season, when Tony and his chum Harry left the force to become private detectives, the intensity slackened a little, although (like Bunny Colvin of "The Wire"), they found that life in the private sector was no less full of compromises.