Between the Lions

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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  • Season 1
    • Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West
      Theo reads the cubs a book about the wild adventures of Pecos Bill, specifically about the time ol' Bill wrangled a tornado. When the tornado escapes from the book, however, and wreaks havoc inside the library, the lions realize there's only one person who can tame that tornado: Pecos Bill, himself!moreless
    • Stop That Pickle!
      Stop That Pickle!
    • The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country!
      The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country!
    • The Lost Rock
      The Lost Rock
      Episode 2
      A lost rock mysteriously appears in the library, and he can't remember who he is or where he comes from. The lions then decide to set out and search for clues as to what book the rock belongs in. Along the way, they watch a video titled Rocket Doodle Doo which features words that the rock had mentioned when describing the surroundings of his "home." Segments throughout the episode focus on words with the short "o" and "a" sounds.moreless
    • Chicks and Salsa
      Chicks and Salsa
      Episode 2
      Chicks and Salsa
    • Little Big Mouse
      Little Big Mouse
      Episode 3
      While going through some old books with Click, Theo comes across The Lion and the Mouse, a traditional fable by Aesop. Everyone is impressed by the heroics of the little mouse, who manages to save a large lion from a net. The cubs Lionel and Leona decide to start a fan club for the little mouse, but don't realize that their own little mouse, Click, is feeling unappreciated. Segments throughout the episode focus on words with the short "i" sound.moreless
    • Ruby Sings the Blues
      Ruby Sings the Blues
    • Farmer Ken's Puzzle
      Lionel plays a computer game that requires him to solve a logic puzzle. Leona wants to join in as well, but he redirects her to more "age-appropriate" play, telling her that the box says the game is for ages 7 and up, not 4 and down. She decides to put on a puppet show. As Leona enjoys her show, Lionel struggles with the puzzle. The two library pigeons try to help him out, but their ideas only seem to hinder his progress. As they question the difficultly-level of the puzzle, Leona surprises them all. Meanwhile, Dr. Nitwhite comes up with what he believes are amazing discoveries. Theo and Cleo show him that his discoveries aren't all that they think they are.moreless
    • Shooting Stars
      Shooting Stars
      Episode 5
      The lions are trying to spend a night awake so that they can observe a rare astronomical phenomenon -- a heavy meteor shower. After reading a poem about it, they're excited for it, but they have trouble staying awake. Lions need a good, solid 22 hours of sleep and it seems like they may drift off to dreamland, no matter how hard the try. In an attempt to try to keep everyone awake, Leona creates her own poem based on the idea she originally had of what they were going to see -- a "meat shower." Segments throughout the episode focus on words with the "ar" sound.moreless
    • The Hopping Hen
      The Hopping Hen
      Episode 6
      When a plumbing emergency ties up Theo and Cleo, they ask Lionel and Leona to post some signs that just arrived from the printer all over the library. When the cubs examine the signs, they're shocked and surprised as the rules on the signs are very weird. The bizarre rules include "hopping hen here," "bare feet in the computer room" and "breaking bricks permitted," among others. The two dutifully post the signs and soon find things out of control in the library. It's like a wild party, and it seems like there are really no rules. When Theo and Cleo see what's happening, they read the signs and realize that the printer forgot the "nos" that go before each of the rules. The deliveryman shows up and reveals that the package with the "nos" actually fell out of the shipment. With those in place, things are set straight. Segments throughout the episode focus on rules, the vowel sound short "e," and the show's general antics.moreless
    • Touching the Moon
      When Leona and Lionel sleep outside late one night, Leona gets to wondering about the moon and what its made of. She heads inside the Barnaby B. Busterfield III Public Library in the hopes of finding a book that will teach her more about the moon. She finds a book and Theo and Cleo find her, wondering what she and Lionel are doing out of bed. Leona shows them the story and Cleo agrees to read it to her. The story is The Queen Who Wanted to Touch the Moon, a Caribbean folktale by Hootie Kaboodle (actually an original story, written for the program by the show's writers.) The story features a queen whose desire to literally touch the moon turns out to be her downfall. Cleo thinks there's important lesson to be learned from the story, but Leona dislikes the story and wishes for an alternate ending. Segments throughout the episode focus on words featuring the double-o "oo" sound.moreless
    • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
      When Cleo begins reading the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf to Lionel and Leona, they decide he could use some help with his big job, so they have Click bring him out of the book to learn more about sheep. They find some great books about taking care of sheep at the library, and the boy learns what to do if his flock his threatened. The power, however, goes to his head. Words with an "ig" sound are portrayed in various sketches throughout the episode.moreless
    • Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?
      When Leona wants Lionel to read her The Fuzzy Fuzzy Wuzzy Book, illustrated by Buffy Huckabuck (a fictional illustrator), he agrees to do so only reluctantly as he considers it a "baby book." To his great consternation, the Fuzzy Wuzzy bear character emerges from the book and the entire library is swept up in a sort of mania as they all chant the rhyme from the book. Only Lionel seems unaffected and desperately seeks somewhere quiet where he can get away from the rhyme. Even the normally curmudgeonly Barnaby B. "Don't Call me Buster" Busterfield III admits to having been a long-time fan of Fuzzy Wuzzy and his story. Lionel is worried he'll never escape the madness, but he ends up learning something surprised. Segments throughout the episode focus on rhyming, as well as on the short u "uh" sound.moreless
    • Lionel's Antlers
      Lionel's Antlers
      Episode 10
      Lionel wakes up one morning to a shock-- he's grown antlers on his head! Though he's sure he's become some kind of a mutant, his family doesn't seem to think it's that big a deal. To try to help him feel better, Cleo reads the book Imogene's Antlers, written and illustrated by David Small. The book is about a little girl, who like Lionel, woke up one morning with antlers on her head. Later, the family comes up with a play in the hopes of cheering up Lionel. Segments through the episode focus on words with the short "a" sound.moreless
    • To the Ship! To the Ship!
      When Dr. Nitwhite makes a "discovery" that the word lip is the only word in the English language to end with the "ip" sound, he astounded upon hearing the title of the new book that Lionel is reading -- The Adventures of Mississippi Skip and His Pirate Ship, by Ipswich Clipspringer the Fourth (a fictional author.) As Nitwhite runs off to do some fine-tuning, Lionel heads off to read his book. He and Leona, as well Walter and Clay Pigeon are captivated by the tale, about a pirate captain and his crew who finds buried treasure. Lionel is inspired to play a game of pirates, but doesn't allow Leona and Clay Pigeon to play because there were never any girl pirates. He learns something new, however, when Theo shows up with a book called The Life of Anne Bonney and an honest-to-goodness female pirate comes swashbuckling out of the book.moreless
    • The Chap With Caps
      The Chap With Caps
      Episode 12
      Famous author Babs Caplan pays a visit to the library in the hopes of getting down to work on her new picture book. She's hoping that a change of atmosphere and a lucky cap will help, but seems to have come down with a case of moody writer's block. Her story, The Chap with Caps, starts off well enough, but she seems to have trouble getting it to go anywhere. Theo, Cleo and the cubs offer to act as a sounding board and help keep the writing process going. Segments throughout the episode focus on words with the short "a" sound and, in particular, ones with "ap."moreless
    • Pandora's Box
      Pandora's Box
      Episode 13
      After reading the story "Pandora's Box", Lionel and Leona come across a similar-looking box, themselves, and wonder if they should open it or not. Apparently ignoring the moral of the story, they open it, and unleash a terrible thing to all the library patrons: Hiccups!
    • Lionel's Great Escape Trick
      Lionel gets a few pointers on the technique of doing magic tricks, from the master magician Harry Houdini, himself. When he locks himself in the closet for his act, though, Leona fears that he's stuck in there, so she asks Click to come up with some magic words in order to get her brother out of the closet.moreless
    • There's a Fly in My Soup
      The Lions try to make Click laugh by reading jokes out of Theo's "The Universal Encyclopedia of Fly Jokes" book, only to find out from Click that computer pointing devices are not programmed for laughter. Can anything make her laugh?
    • The Popcorn Popper
      The Popcorn Popper
      Episode 16
      Lionel and Leona read a book about a popcorn popper, and get the idea to take the popper out of the book and into the library, so they can pop all the popcorn they want.
    • Something Fishy
      Something Fishy
      Episode 17
      Lionel is excited when a package arrives at the library containing several new books, including the next adventure in the Cliff Hanger series. Normally, Leona shies away from this series because she finds it derivative and predictable. She's excited about this newest adventure, which contains an eagle. Leona hopes to soar like an eagle and learns something about eagles from the book that she never knew before.moreless
    • Hug, Hug, Hug!
      Hug, Hug, Hug!
      Episode 18
      A sculpter named Pygmalion carves a statue of a woman, falls in love with her, and gives her a hug - only she can't hug him back. The Lions then try to help find ways for the statue to hug Pygmalion.
    • The Ram in the Pepper Patch
      The naughty ram from the book "The Ram in the Pepper Patch" escapes into the library, where he proceeds to make a mess out of everything!
    • A Peck of Peppers
      A Peck of Peppers
      Episode 20
      Babs Caplan comes to the library to create a fantastic tongue twister, with some help from the Lions. Then, Babs and Leona go head-to-head with the master of all Tongue Twisters, Lionel.
    • Sausage Nose
      Sausage Nose
      Episode 21
      The Lions watch a video of a foreign film called "Sausage Nose", in which a poor couple receives three wishes from a wise old woman. Somehow, a sausage gets wished onto the wife's nose, and from there, the characters from the film come to the library looking for advice on what to spend their last wish on.moreless
    • Red Hat, Green Hat
      Red Hat, Green Hat
      Episode 22
      Leona makes her very own hat, with one red side and one green side. When she walks through the library with it on, one group of people see the green side, and the other group sees the red side, causing a great big argument among everyone!
    • The Lucky Duck
      The Lucky Duck
      Episode 23
      When Theo and Cleo hold a meeting of the library's New Books Committee, they come upon a book titled The Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Duck. Lionel is appalled by the overly cute appearance of the duck and it turns out the duck isn't happy about being so cute either. He's bored with being fawned over all the time and longs to be a duck with attitude. Lionel understands how he feels, though Leona, Theo and Cleo prefer him to be cute. Lionel comes up with a plan to help the duck lose its cute nature. When his first attempt fails, he thinks and comes up with an even better idea. Segments throughout the episode focus on words with the "uh" sound. The episode also touches on words that sound like vowel sounds.moreless
    • The Old Man
      The Old Man
      Episode 24
      Babs Caplan returns to the library to work on her new book called "The Old Man". Unfortunately, it has no middle or end to it! But with the Lions' help, Babs just might be able to rescue her masterpiece after all.
    • A King and His Hawk
      Lionel and Leona read a very sad story about a King and his friend, the Hawk. After, Leona wants to take and hide the book where no will be able to find it, so they can't read it and be sad like she was. Also, Theo sings about the greatness of reading sad, sad books.moreless
    • The Roar That Makes Them Run
      Lionel and Leona visit a website about wild animals. This website teaches them that lions have a mighty roar --- a "roar that makes them run." Realizing that they have never heard their father Theo's roar before, they beg to hear it, but Theo cautions that it's not suited for a library. He demonstrates a number of other roars, but Lionel and Leona are not satisfying. They being to worry that their father does not have a mighty roar, or worse, isn't even a lion at all.moreless
    • Piggyback, Piggyback
      After reading a book about a king who rode on his friend's back (because he didn't want to get his feet dirty), Leona wants to do the same. So she hops on her dad's back, and doesn't want to let go!
    • The Fox and the Crow
      When "The Fox and the Crow" fable is read in the library, Walter and Clay get angry over the way the crow was depicted as a "bird brain", and then protest to have the story banned! The Lions come up with a less extreme approach, and suggest that they re-write the story to make the crow the one who comes out on top.moreless
    • Giants and Cubs
      Giants and Cubs
      Episode 29
      Lionel gets upset over the outcome of a baseball game, where the Giants clobbered the Cubs. Theo and Cleo decide it would be a good idea to bring the Giants into the library, for Lionel to meet them. But when Leona hears about the idea, she thinks they mean the big "Fee Fi Fo Fum" Giants!moreless
    • Be Bop
      Be Bop
      Episode 30
      The jazzy, rhythmic sounds of Be Bop make their way into the library one day, and soon everyone is singing nonsensical Be Bop tunes -- everyone except Barnaby B. Busterfield III, who claims he just doesn't get this Be Bop thing!
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