Between the Lions

Season 1 Episode 4

Farmer Ken's Puzzle

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 2000 on PBS
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Farmer Ken's Puzzle
Lionel plays a computer game that requires him to solve a logic puzzle. Leona wants to join in as well, but he redirects her to more "age-appropriate" play, telling her that the box says the game is for ages 7 and up, not 4 and down. She decides to put on a puppet show. As Leona enjoys her show, Lionel struggles with the puzzle. The two library pigeons try to help him out, but their ideas only seem to hinder his progress. As they question the difficultly-level of the puzzle, Leona surprises them all. Meanwhile, Dr. Nitwhite comes up with what he believes are amazing discoveries. Theo and Cleo show him that his discoveries aren't all that they think they are.moreless

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    Peter Linz

    Peter Linz

    Theodor "Theo" Lion

    Fred Newman

    Fred Newman

    Himself / Golf Announcer

    Anthony Asbury

    Anthony Asbury

    Lionel Lion

    Kathryn Mullen

    Kathryn Mullen

    Leona Lion

    Heather Asch

    Heather Asch

    Click the Mouse / Clay Pigeon

    Tyler Bunch

    Tyler Bunch

    Walter Pigeon [ 1 ]

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    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Farmer Ken's Puzzle, An Analysis: The puzzle presented in the computer game is as follows -- a farmer named Ken has a hen, a cat, and a bag of seed. He must safely get all three from one side of a shore to another, but can only carry one at a time on his boat. The following constraints are in effect, though not initially explained -- if at any time the cat is left alone with the hen, he will eat her, resulting in a game over. Additionally, if the hen is left alone with the seeds, she will eat those, again resulting in a game over. Leona deduces the correct solution, which requires that the hen be transported first. After this, the farmer returns with the cat, while at the same time taking the hen. He then heads back, grabs the seed, and drops off the hen. Finally, after leaving the seed with the cat, he returns for the hen.

        This, however, is not the only possible solution. If the seed is transported first, then the cat and the hen are left alone, giving a game over. If the cat is transported first, then the hen is left alone with the seed, also resulting in a game over. And, again, if any possible combination other than cat and seed are left together, the game is over -- a combination that is not possible without the return trips process.

      • Theo is the designated reader for this episode.

      • The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: Dr. Ruth Wordheimer handles another "long word freakout." In this segment, a monkey received a letter from his friend with a word that's so long, he doesn't think he can read it. He doesn't know if his friends is complimenting or criticizing him. Dr. Ruth Wordheimer helps him to sound out the word part-by-part and the monkey discovers his friend thinks that he's "enchanting."

      • The new vocabulary in this episode is:

        clue, enchanting, peacock, miracle, vibrant

      • The target vowel is the short "e" from the word hen.

      • The key word in this episode is hen.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Lionel: We have to get the cat, the hen and the seed -- all three - across the river. But the boat can only hold two things. Hmm... what do we take first?
        Walter Pigeon: Oh oh oh, take the hen!
        Clay Pigeon: Yeah, birds go first, cats are the worst! Take the bird.

      • Buster: If any grownups are watching, I want you to know that I had nothing to do with the nonsense you just witnessed.
        Announcer Bunny: We would like to thank Barnaby B. Busterfield III, the founder of our library, without whose help none of this would have been possible.
        Buster: I had nothing to do with it! Nothing! You're not taking me down with ya'!

      • Girl: Mom! There's a talking potato with a hat and no mouth!
        Mom: Don't worry, sweetie. It's educational television. It must be good for you.

      • Sam Spud: (narrating in film noire style) They looked like a couple of really bad eggs. As a matter of fact, they were a couple of really bad eggs, hardboiled and rotten as they come. I could tell one of them was ready to crack. As a matter of fact, he did.

      • Lionel: Hmm, let's see. If I take the sack of seeds across first, oh! That leaves the cat alone with the hen.
        Pigeons: (gasp) No, no! Not that! Anything but that!

      • Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: Whoo! I am good. And pretty enchanting too, if I do say so myself.

      • Pigeons: Right! Put our heads together and think! (sound of heads clonking together)

      • Buster: Shocking. I'm afraid I have to agree with the pigeons. Cats eating hens. As if there isn't already too much violence on television.

      • Farmer Ken: (singing) The cat ate the hen and that is that.
        Walter Pigeon: Oh, that poor hen!
        Clay Pigeon: Lionel, how could you do that to the poor hen?
        Lionel: But... you told me to!

      • Cleo: Bye, Dr. Nitwit.
        Dr. Nitwhite: That's Nitwhite!
        Theo: Of course, sorry!

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