Between the Lions

Season 2 Episode 23

Good Night, Knight

Aired Unknown May 02, 2001 on PBS

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  • Sal's Girlfriend

    Sal should've had a girlfriend in this episode, and she would've been named Cynthia. I can imagine it now.

    Cynthia: (realized that she's been replaced by Leona) Hey. Hey, wait a minute. You were doing our show without me, and you replaced me! You-You--!! I don't believe this!!!

    Sal: B-But--

    Cynthia: Ha! I'm out of here! Ha! (storms off in anger)

    Sal: (going after Cynthia) No, No, No, No, No, No! I-I-I can explain, Cynthia! Wait! Cynthia! Come back! No, No! You're making a big mistake! Cynthia!

    Cynthia: Oh, no! Don't even try! I'm leaving!

    (the camera pans to Leona, who is shocked about what she have done)

    Leona: Oops.


    (Lionel, Cleo, Sean and Theo are shocked when they see Cynthia storming out of the library)

    Cynthia: Ha! The nerve of some lion cub! I doubt him! I don't need you!

    Sal: No, wait! Come back! No, Cynthia! Cynthia!

    Cleo: Hey, hey, hey. Sal, Sal. Is everything OK?

    Sal: Not exactly, Cleo. Cynthia is very angry. We're doing the show without her.

    Cleo: Oh.

    Sal: Well, don't continue on with the show, Cleo. I've got to straighten this out.

    Cleo: OK. Good luck.

    Sal: Cynthia! Oh. (runs after Cynthia)

    Cynthia: Unbelievable!

    Sal: Cynthia! Wait!

    Cynthia: Wait? Wait?! Now, why should I wait? You didn't wait for me to come back from vacation! You replaced me!