Between the Lions

Season 6 Episode 4

I'll Fix Anthony / Jamaica Louise James

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I'll Fix Anthony / Jamaica Louise James
"I'll Fix Anthony" When Leona comes up to the circulation desk grumbling "I'll fix him," Theo thinks he can help her with her problem by reading the book I'll Fix Anthony, written by Judith Viorst, with illustrations by Arnold Lobel. In the story, a boy is bothered by his mean brother, Anthony, but swears that he'll "fix" him when he gets older. Leona, however, doesn't want to fix her brother, Lionel. She just wants to fix her jack-in-the-box, Herman. Segments throughout the story focus on words ending with the letter "x." "Jamaica Louise James" Leona is having a lot of fun with her jack-in-the-box when Theo appears with a story that he's sure both Leona and Herman will like. The story is Jamaica Louise James, written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Sheila White Samton. In the story, a creative boy paints the area subway. This inspires Leona to decorate the library, and even draw a picture for her brother, Lionel.moreless
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      • The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger notices a see-saw lying in the grass beneath his cliff in Adventure 7,616: Cliff Hanger and the Awfully Big Seesaw. He consults his survival manual and it instructs him to jump on to it. At first, he has fun, but then a gorilla jumps onto it. The gorilla is, of course, way heavier than Cliff Hanger. It sends him flying, and he's forced to grab onto the branch hanging out of the cliff for dear life. And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!

      • Fun with Chicken Jane: This episode features the story Chicken Jane and the Ox in the Box.

      • Gawain's Word: Gawain is back at Blend Mart, where he monitors the action as two knights with shopping carts merge at high speed. Sir "B" and Sir "ox" blend to form the word "box." The gold knight then carts the silver knight in a box.

      • Lionel: Leona --
        Leona: Mm-hmm?
        Lionel: -- you drew a picture of Cliff Hanger.
        Leona: Yeah.
        Lionel: Well, why?
        Leona: Because I love you. (gives him a kiss)

      • Announcer: Is a new life dawning for Cliff Hanger? A life beyond his cliff?
        Cliff Hanger: Awesome.
        Gorilla: Seesaw.
        Cliff Hanger Aw, shucks.
        Chorus: And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!
        Cliff Hanger: Can't. hold. on. much. longer!

      • Leona: So Herman, watch this. I can pop up too. Surprise! Were you scared, huh?

      • Leona: Lionel, you know, when I'm six, you won't think everything I do is silly.
        Lionel: I won't.

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