Between the Lions

Season 3 Episode 7

Out in Outer Space

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Cleo and Theo thinkin that a female clown is asking for a biography on clouds, when she really wants a bioraphy on clowns. Up at the top of the library, Clay and Walter decide that they want to learn to become clowns, and Busterfield thinks that they are even weirder.

Both Leona and Lionel are excited about their Grandpa Lion coming to visit them. Theo is wondering why he isn't there yet, until he sneaks up behind them and scares him. Grandpa Lion brings all of them presents, with Theo getting Meat Chowder, but the "outgredient" is the chowder part. Cloe recieves a prank flower, and he gets Leona and Lionel "out in outer space," which is a story about his friend that had been in outer space. Grandpa Lion takes them to the computer room, where they find a minature toy rocket. Grandpa Lion tells them the biography of a woman he met at the Air and Space Museum. The woman, Ellen Ocha, had been the first Hispanic woman to ever go "out in outer space."

After he finishes telling the cubs about Ellen Ocha, Lionel says that someone should write a biography on him. Suddenly, Theo and Cleo pounce in, saying that Grandpa Lion's favorite singer had come into the library and had agreed to perform. Theo, Cleo, and Grandpa Lion go off to talk to him, while Lionel tells them that they're going to stay in the computer room. Lionel says that someone has to write Grandpa's biography, and the two decide that they should do it. The singer, BB Beast, performs at the library, and Theo misses it while he is at the sandbox. Afterwards, both Cleo and Grandpa are excited by the performance.

As the three, including Theo, talk about the performance, Lionel and Leona come over, telling Grandpa that they have a story to tell him. The cubs take them to the computer room, where they tell them the biography of Grandpa Lion.

After reading the biography, Grandpa, Theo, and Cleo are all impressed and proud of the cubs, and Grandpa has the two give him a hug. Back up towards the ceiling of the library, Clay and Walter talk about how much the biography on clowns helped them out. The episode ends with them walking away after putting a clown outfit on Busterfield.