Between the Lions

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2001 on PBS

Episode Recap

Theo and Lionel are talking to Frank the Rat inside the library when Leona and Cleo come rushing over to them. Leona had been at the playground, and her friend, Tammy, calls her a bad name while they are up in the tree house. Lionel tries to cheer her up by saying words can never hurt you, but it doesn't make Leona feel better. Frank tells Leona that words can be very powerful, and tells her about a book he had been reading on the same subject. Frank begins to read to the lions Tales of the Irish Rats, Volume I: How the Rats were Rhymed out of Ireland. King Connor had been the the king of Ireland a long time ago. But when he didn't have his breakfast one morning, he decides to blame the rats. He calls for the assistance of his poet, and tells him to rhyme the rats out of Ireland. The bard makes a mean rhyme that calls the rats awful names, demanding that they go away. Being hurt by the names, the rats leave Ireland. Frank finishes reading the story, though it doesn't seem to help Leona. Hoping to make his sister happy, Lionel writes her a mean poem to read to Tammy, but Leona tells him that she couldn't call her a mean name because it wouldn't be nice. Lionel decides to write her another poem. This time, however, it would be a poem that praises Leona. After Lionel reads the poem, Leona is finally happy again, though she still refuses to go back to the playground. The lions continue to try to persuade the girl to go back to the playground, until Frank retrives the book Tales of the Irish Rats, Volume II: How the Rats Came Back. As the rats were sailing out on the sea, one of the rats gets angry, and tells them that they shouldn't let the words of one man scare them away. The rat continues to encourage the others that they should go back to Ireland, rather than run away. The other rats agree with him, and they all decide to head back for their homes. After Frank finishes the story, Leona finally realizes that she shouldn't let Tammy's name-calling keep her from going back to the playground. The entire lion family leaves to go to the playground, prepared to have a great time.