Between the Lions

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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  • Click has a computer virus, today! Today! Lionel opened the free bee mail! Oy vay! Oy vay!

    This was one of the creepiest episodes of this show that I've ever seen! Theo thought that Lionel was responsible enough to run the returns desk in the library. Lionel took the job and was doing great when he was returning the Monkey pop-up Theater books. Then he started singing to himself about how he's gonna be a librarian in the library someday. But then he gets a "Free-Bee" email. Click explains that Free-bee means when something is free, she also says that he shouldn't open the email because it may have a computer virus. Lionel doesn't listen and puts click to manual and opens the email. Then a queen-bee appears on the screen, congrats them from opening the mail and stings Click giving her a virus! Once Click is stung, she and all the computers in the library get sick. The bee's laugh fills the air, "hee! hee! hee! hee! hee! hee!" and the library goes haywire: Screens for other segments flying all over the room, lighting flashes and, for some reason, a pair of Swedish dancers dance around in the background. Meanwhile up in the garden, Cleo reads "The Empty Pot" to Leona. A Chinese book about a boy who couldn't make a seed grow, no matter what pot he planted it in. Back at the library, while Theo was taking a nap, the library is still under the virus' control! Lionel panics as he runs around screaming, and Click starts shaking all over the desk and tells Lionel to load the anti-virus software. He dose this, it scans for the virus, finds it, deletes it and loads all the files and programs that were lost when the virus came. Later, Theo wakes up from his nap and asks Lionel is there were any problems. At first, he didn't want to tell him, but he admit about the virus and said that it all started with the email. Theo understands, and says that it would explain why he suddenly had the words " hee! hee!" printed on his glasses. Theo also says that since Lionel had the courage to tell him the truth, he would still be a great librarian.