Between the Lions

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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  • A Lot Like The Electric Company.

    At The Time That I Wrote This, The Rating Said Mediocre. Maybe It's Because It's A Lot Like Sesame Street. Or maybe they are trying to take over Sesame Street. They teach kids things like the alphabet, and had Bert, Ernie, And Big Bird on the show. They air a lot of Clips, and it is exactly like "The Electric Company". Except it has more animals in it They really should bring that show back.

    It is a great library, and it is a very funny show. The Vowelles, and all they really were was a bunch of lips with hair. And then there was Martha Reader, and Johnny Consonante, and Dr. Ruth Wordheimer, and Smarmy Marmy, Cliff Hanger, Chicken Jane, Monkey PopUp Theatre, Vowel Boot Camp, Click, and there were so many others.

    It is one of the greatest shows, and I hope it lasts for a very long time.