Between the Lions - Season 2

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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  • But, Mama, But ...
    But, Mama, But ...
    Episode 19
    Cleo is leaving the library to visit Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Otto, who have just had three new cubs. Leona, feeling that she's too big to miss her Mom, tries to accept what's happening. She finds, however, that she is in fact missing her Mom, though she communicates it through her stuffed animal, Lovey. Lionel and Theo also struggle with their feelings about this, as well as getting the library ready for their mother's absence. To ease everyone's feelings, Cleo reads I Miss You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt; illustrated by Cyd Moore.moreless
  • Oh, Yes, It Can!
    Oh, Yes, It Can!
    Episode 12
    A storyteller visits the library one day, and tells an old story about a Yammering Yam and how it led to a whole series of unbelievable (but true) events for a farmer, a fisherman, and king.
  • Stop That Chicken!
    Stop That Chicken!
    Episode 25
    Chicken Jane escapes from one of her books and ricochets around the library. Every so often, she writes her advice to characters in other books. GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Short o sound.
  • Tweet! Tweet!
    Tweet! Tweet!
    Episode 22
    An intriguing theory from the book Bone Poems has got the cubs and pigeons thinking: Are birds the descendants of dinosaurs? Walter and Clay Pigeon take that prospect to an extreme. GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Double-e sound.
  • Dreaming Shakespeare
    It's Shakespeare Day at the Library. Fanfares, flowery language and period costumes are the order of the day (Cleo is dressed as the female star of Antony and Cleopatra). A method actor is unable to play Romeo and Juliet because Juliet is sick. Maybe an exasperated hen can fill in.
  • Rats
    Episode 21
    After someone calls Leona a nasty name on the playground, a friend of the Lions', named Frank, tells a story about Rats, which shows that bad names can hurt just as much as sticks and stones.
  • Zoop! Zoop!
    Zoop! Zoop!
    Episode 5
    The story of Abiyoyo terrifies Leona, and it takes some cleverness on the part of her mother to help Leona beat her fear.
  • Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks
    Lionel's friend, Lenny - a fellow "Cliffhanger" aficianado - comes for a visit, after having since moved away. When he arrives at the library, however, Lionel finds out that Lenny doesn't like "Cliffhanger" anymore. That instead, he has taken a liking to a similar book hero, "Justin Time"! Can Lionel and Lenny still be friends, even if they don't like the same things?moreless
  • The Spider and the Lie
    Lionel writes a crime story, which involves Leona, a slippery character named Monkey C. Monkeydew, a missing library card, and a spider. Viewers learn about genres of fictional stories, as well as about words featuring the long "i" sound. As Lionel's story unfolds, Leona encounters a monkey who wishes to check out a book, but doesn't have a library card. He swears to return the book the next day, with a spider as his witness. When the next day comes, however, he denies everything, and the case goes to court, with Click the Mouse presiding.moreless
  • Why the Baboon's Balloon Went Ka-Boom!
    Theo wants to teach the cubs a lesson, which he finds in a book of concatenations called Because a Little Bug Went KA-CHOO! What Theo doesn't know is that, by pulling that book from the middle of a pile, a pen dropped to the floor, setting off a concatenation in the library. It culminates with a hot-air balloon's bursting.moreless
  • The Sad Dad
    The Sad Dad
    Episode 1
    Bruno Kirby plays a Dad whose house is overrun by kids: "There's hardly enough room to put on pants!" he complains. Fed up with all this overcrowding, he decides to seek the advice of an old wise woman in town - who only adds to the problem!
  • Pebble Trouble
    Pebble Trouble
    Episode 11
    Featuring the book "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble", in which a young donkey boy discovers a magic pebble in the woods, and somehow wishes himself to be a rock. His parents spend many months out looking for him, and eventually find him as the rock, and unknowingly transform him back into his old self!moreless
  • Icarus's Wings
    Icarus's Wings
    Episode 4
    The story of Icarus, the boy who made wax wings and flew too close to the sun, inspires Barnaby B. Busterfield to follow his dream of...flying! With help from Walter and Clay, of course.
  • Good Night, Knight
    Good Night, Knight
    Episode 23
    A famous marionette team is preparing to tell the story of Orlando Furioso and his battle to rescue Angelica from the curse of Fallerina. It's a story Leona knows by heart, and she has more than a loving desire to see this play.
  • The Chess Mess
    The Chess Mess
    Episode 24
    It's Alice Day at the library, and everyone is very involved in a page from Through the Looking Glass. Theo, a former whiz at chess, accepts Click's challenge to play a few matches. GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Short e sound.
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 9
    Cleo catches the "I-Can't-Hear-or-Smell-or-Tell-if-Someone's-Sneaking-Up-On-Me" Flu, right before she's scheduled to go and visit her old teacher.
  • The Last Cliff Hanger
    Lionel is shocked and appalled when the author of the Cliff Hanger stories releases an adventure titled The Last Cliff Hanger. Designated the final installment, the story sees Cliff Hanger escaping using water from a whale's blowhole and leading a comfortable life on a beach. He decides to do something about the problem and has Click drag him and Leona into the story to talk to Cliff Hanger. He learns, however, that it's only the author that can make the decision. And Cliff himself hopes there will be more stories, as he's desperately bored with his new beach life! Meanwhile, the chorus from the stories takes up residence in the library and drives Theo and Cleo to distraction with increasingly annoying songs about everyday objects, all set to the same tune as the songs from the Cliff Hanger stories.moreless
  • The Good Seed
    The Good Seed
    Episode 3
    Click the Mouse gets a computer virus that turns everything in the library into a total disaster area!
  • Humph! Humph! Humph!
    Lionel's friend, Gus, gets annoyed when Leona asks him to be her designated reader for the day -- because he can't read.
  • Quest, Quest, Quest!
    Babs Caplan is back with a new story, The Quest for the Chest. And once again, she doesn't get it right. Originally, there is no action in the story. GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Short E sound.
  • Poetry Day
    Poetry Day
    Episode 7
    It's Alice day in the library, which means everything has something to do with "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", and the backward logic of the looking glass. Calloo Callay!
  • Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack!
    Theo "borrows" the typewriter from the book "Click-Clack Moo!", and has a hard time letting it go when the cows want it back.
  • Bobby the Hopping Robot
    Lionel's new toy, a hopping robot named Bobby, is a real tough job to put together. Lionel, Theo, Cleo, and just about everybody has a try at assembling the robot correctly -- but it still doesn't work! Who could've guessed Leona would come up with the solution!
  • Bug Beard
    Bug Beard
    Episode 14
    In the story "Bug Beard", a woodcutter brings home a grubby, buggy old man he finds in the woods. His wife is not amused by the buggy old man, and so she sets about trying to clean him up. When the buggy man is finally all cleaned up, it turns out he just isn't his happy, dancing, singing old self. Can the Lions help?moreless
  • Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains
    Lionel gets a brainstorm after he hears Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. What if he and Leona ride a train through the plain of the book?