Between the Lions - Season 5

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!/The Three Little Pigs
    Theo and Leona don pig snouts for another reading of Pigs Apelnty, Pigs Galore first read in the episode "Pigs Aplenty." Midway into the show, Lionel dons three pig snouts as he reads to Leona The Three Little Pigs, heard previously in the episode "Huff and Puff."
  • The Carrot Seed/The Empty Pot
    Reminiscing about things that happened in previous episodes, Theo and Lionel marvel at a beautiful flower grown by Cleo. It took a long time to grow, but it turned out. Theo's allergic to the flower, but he still reads The Carrot Seed (written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Crockett Johnson) in honor of it. Later on, Theo accidentally breaks the flower pot due to a sneezing fit. Lionel is worried about Cleo will think. Theo, however, reads The Empty Pot (written and illustrated by Demi) to calm his nerves.moreless
  • Wings/What's in the Box?
    First up: Leona warns Lionel not to lean back on his chair, provoking a flashback reading of a Greek myth first read in Icarus's Wings (from Season 2). Then the library, seen from the inside for the first time this season, receives a reprint (and a reread) of Pandora's Box.
  • A Shower of Stars/Two Moons and One Lagoon
    It's nighttime at the library roof garden as Theo gives an energetic Leona a reread from the episode Shooting Stars. Then, under a full moon, Cleo gives Lionel and Leona a story from the episode Touching the Moon.
  • The Golden Meaty Awards
  • Click, Clack, Moo/The Little Red Hen
    Built from material first seen in Clickety-clack, Clickety-clack! (from Season 2) and Help! (from Season 3).
  • Sylvester and the Magic Pebble/I Miss You, Stinky Face
  • A Tasty Piece of Cheese/The Lion and the Mouse
  • Earl's Too Cool/When I Was 5
  • It's Red! It's Green!/Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
    "It's Red! It's Green!" Cleo presents Leona with a large bag to make a point. She asks Leona to lift it, but Leona says that the bag is too heavy. To help drive the point home, Cleo reads the storyRed Hat Green Hat, retold by Ed Ledbetter. In the story, two friends named Upendo and Kendi argue over the color of a girl's hat, which actually is a different color on each side. They learn that you can't always believe what your eyes tell you. Eventually, Leona learns this lesson too. Segments throughout the story focus on words starting with the letter "r." "Joseph Had a Little Overcoat" When Leona gets upset about some old, worn out books that are being thrown out, it reminds her of the events of a book -- Joseph Had a Little Overcoat. In the story, by Simms Taback, Joseph has a worn out old overcoat, so he keeps making smaller and smaller garments out of it. When he finally loses the last button, he writes a book about it. The events of the story encourage Leona to become creative with the old books. Segments throughout the story focus on words starting with the letter "j", such as "jump," "jiggle," "jog" and "jacket."moreless