Between the Lions - Season 6

PBS Premiered Apr 03, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash / Knuffle Bunny
    "Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash" Theo reads Leona the story Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash, written by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott, about a woman who hangs up everything in sight on her clothesline, not just clothes. The story gives Leona an idea. Segments throughout the story focus on words with the "ir" and "er" sounds. "Knuffle Bunny" The way Leona loves her bunny, Lovey, reminds Theo of a story about another bunny. He reads her Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, written and illustrated by Mo Willems. In the story, a little girl loses her stuffed bunny at the laundromat. Segments throughout the story focus on words with the "uh" sound. This story also features poem "Ode to a Washing Machine" by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.moreless
  • Yo! Yes? / Very Loud, Very Big, Very Metal
    "Yo! Yes?"

    Lionel reads Leona the book Yo! Yes?, written and illustrated by Chris Raschka. In the book, two boys make friends using sentences of no more than two to three words.

    Segments throughout the story focus on short sentences and words starting with the letter "y."

    "Very Loud, Very Big, Very Metal"

    To show Lionel how much she appreciates him, Leona finds Lionel a music video. The music video is one he really enjoys, about loud, big and metal things such as construction sites. Later, to thank her, Lionel shows her a book about birds.

    Segments focus on words starting with the letter "v."moreless
  • I'll Fix Anthony / Jamaica Louise James
    "I'll Fix Anthony" When Leona comes up to the circulation desk grumbling "I'll fix him," Theo thinks he can help her with her problem by reading the book I'll Fix Anthony, written by Judith Viorst, with illustrations by Arnold Lobel. In the story, a boy is bothered by his mean brother, Anthony, but swears that he'll "fix" him when he gets older. Leona, however, doesn't want to fix her brother, Lionel. She just wants to fix her jack-in-the-box, Herman. Segments throughout the story focus on words ending with the letter "x." "Jamaica Louise James" Leona is having a lot of fun with her jack-in-the-box when Theo appears with a story that he's sure both Leona and Herman will like. The story is Jamaica Louise James, written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Sheila White Samton. In the story, a creative boy paints the area subway. This inspires Leona to decorate the library, and even draw a picture for her brother, Lionel.moreless
  • The Coyote and the Rabbit/ The Gingerbread Man
    In "The Coyote and the Rabbit," Lionel and Leona are playing hide-and-seek, but Leona's nose keeps on finding him. Can Lionel uses his brain to outsmart Leona's nose? In "The Gingerbread Man," Leona is trying to catch Lionel, but she isn't able to. Can Leona come up with a plan to finally catch her brother?moreless