Between the Lions - Season 7

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  • The Problem with Chickens & An Egg is Quiet
    "The Problem with Chickens" When Lionel and Leona spot a chicken in the library, it turns out to have popped out of a book. The chicken came from the book The Problem with Chickens, written by Bruce McMillan and illustrated by Gunnella. The story is about a group of women in a village who got some chickens who started imitating their behavior. "An Egg is Quiet" When Lionel discovers an egg in the library, he's eager to find out what it will hatch into. Cleo reads him and Leona a book called An Egg is Quiet, written by Diana Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long that describes all kinds of eggs. Later on, Lionel and Leona learn the surprising truth about the contents of the egg. Also featured is the short story Baby Chick by Aileen Fisher. Segments throughout the episode discuss eggs, as well as words for describing sounds, such as noisy, loud and quiet.moreless
  • Spicy Hot Colors & Yesterday I Had the Blues
    "Spicy Hot Colors" Cleo has a special surprise for her cubs, a piñata! It's very colorful and full of tasty meaty treats. She also reads them the book Spicy Hot Colors, written by Sherry Shahan and illustrated by Paula Barragán. The cubs enjoy the piñata, but find it difficult to break open. "Yesterday I Had the Blues" When a huge rainstorm starts up outside the library, it evokes various emotions. Lionel has the "reds" because he can't make his soccer game. Leona, however, is enjoying books and has the "pinks." Theo reads everyone a book called Yesterday I Had the Blues by Jeron Ashford Frame and illustrated by R. Gregory Christie. Everyone agrees that the story, about a little girl who explores various moods, makes them feel golden. Segments throughout the first story focus on words starting with the letter 'c' and color words. Words describing feelings are explored in the second story.moreless
  • Bear Snores On & Night in the Country
    "Bear Snores On" Cleo travels into a picture book for a live report, then reads the story out loud. The story is Bear Snores On, written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman. It tells the tale of a party held by several animals in the den of a hibernating bear. The story provides inspiration for a nighttime party right there at the library. "Night in the Country" The party was fun, but Click has been given the duty of babysitting and she's determined to get the cubs to sleep. To help, she reads the story Night in the Country, written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Mary Szilagui. It only manages to tire the cubs a little and they still want to stay up. Click resorts to some creative tactics to try to get them dozing.moreless
  • How to Be a Good Dog & Not Afraid of Dogs
    "How to Be a Good Dog"

    Theo reads the story How to Be a Good Dog, written and illustrated by Gail Page, to Lionel. In the story, a dog named Bobo gets tips from Cat on how to be on his best behavior for his owner, Mrs. Birdhead. Lionel is inspired by the story to try to train his sister, Leona, but with less than stellar results. Various segments teach the "oo" sound.

    "Not Afraid of Dogs"

    Cleo reads Leona the story Not Afraid of Dogs, written by Susanna Pitzer and illustrated by Larry Day. In the story, a boy named Daniel insists he's not frightened of dogs, but steers clear when a dog is brought into his home. The story helps Leona to learn about getting over fears, and after all -- what could be so scary at a library? Segments teach synonyms for the word "afraid."moreless
  • Dear Mr. Blueberry & I Wanna Iguana
    "Dear Mr. Blueberry" Leona is excited when he receives a letter from a character in a book named Emily. The letter directs him and Leona to the book, a picture book called Dear Mr. Blueberry, written and illustrated by Simon James. Both enjoy the story, which is about a little girl who believes a blue whale has taken up residence in her home's swimming pool and writes letters to her teacher about it. When they come upon somebody called Mr. Blueberry within the library, they think they've met the character from the book. "I Wanna Iguana" Lionel shares with Leona a picture book he just read that he found inspiring, I Wanna Igauna, written by Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow. The story features a boy who coresponds by letter back-and-forth with his mother until she finally agrees to let him have an iguana as a pet. The story gives Lionel the idea to write Cleo a letter asking for something he's always wanted, a helicopter. Both stories focus on teaching viewers about letters as a form of correspondence throughout the various segments.moreless
  • Violet's Music & What Instrument Does Alvin Play?
    "Violet's Music" Lionel is inside the library singing and playing the drums. Cleo manages to stop him long enough for her to read the story Violet's Music, written by Angela Johnson and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith. The story is about a little girl who plays music all her life and searches for other kids who enjoy it as much she does. After hearing the story, Lionel decides to start a band, which Cleo suggests he conduct from the roof of the library. "What Instrument Does Alvin Play?" Leona wants to play an instrument and therefore is looking over some with Theo. She likes the look of both the saxophone and the violin, but she really isn't sure which instrument to choose. Theo reads the story What Instrument Does Alvin Play?, an original story. When Leona learns just what instrument it is that Alvin plays, she wants to play that instrument too. At the end of the show, she, Lionel and the band briefly play the Cliff Hanger theme.moreless
  • Moon Rope & Welcome to the Moon
    "Moon Rope" Theo reads the cubs the story Moon Rope, written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. In the story, a fox gets the idea to travel to the moon using a rope and tries to get his friend mole in on the plan. Leona likes the story so much that she too wants to try this method of transit. "Welcome to the Moon" Lionel and Leona view an online picture book called First Girls on the Moon. In the story, a girl and her friend Katie decide that they want to be the first girls on the moon, since only men have ever been there before. Along the way, readers learn various facts about the moon, such as that it is 225,000 miles away from the Earth. Later on, Leona is excited by a book titled All About Kangaroos.moreless
  • The Three-Legged Pot & When Jabo Jammed
    "The Three-Legged Pot" The story opens with Cliff Hanger, who reads this episode's tale. The story is The Three-Legged Pot, retold by Pilar Polanco and illustrated by Pablo Paz. "When Jabo Jammed" Fred Newman tells the story of when Jabo jammed. It's about a jazzman named Jabo learned that extraordinary can sneak up on you. The cubs learn that they too can do extraodinary things. Segments focus on both music and words starting with the letter "j."moreless
  • Charlie's Dinosaur & Here Come the Aliens
    "Charlie's Dinosaur" Everyone at the library is excited by the Touch a Dinosaur program. As Lionel and Leona speculate as to just what sort of dinosaur it could be, Theo announces that he'd like to read a book. He readsCharlie's Dinosaur, an original story by Sarah Durkee (one of the show's writers), in which a boy presents a bird as his dinosaur project. Birds are said to be direct descendants of dinosaurs. Skits throughout the story focus on synonyms of the word "big." "Here Come the Aliens" Lionel is excited by aliens, but Leona isn't so sure. Lionel reads her a funny story called Here Come the Aliens, written and illustrated by Colin McNaughton. The story focuses on various types of aliens and just how different they are from us. Skits throughout the story focus on words starting with the letter "q."moreless
  • Making Bread & Cheesybreadville
    The lions experiment with baking bread.
  • Ruby Sings the Blues
    Ruby Sings the Blues
  • Chicks and Salsa
    Chicks and Salsa
    Episode 12
    Chicks and Salsa
  • Stop That Pickle!
    Stop That Pickle!
    Episode 13
    Stop That Pickle!